Thank you very much for your interest in a “Salzburgerin

As you probably already know, our grain mills with 360 Watt motor, are currently not available.
Our Austrian supplier (for over 40 years) has been bought by a Chinese group. In a night and fog action the machines were brought from Styria to Poland.
Delivery promises made were constantly extended and recently an unreasonably long delivery time was promised.


We have no interest in building engines that consist only of Chinese components and are assembled in Poland.
We have been in contact for weeks with a renowned Italian family business that produces exclusively in Europe and manufactures the engines exactly to our specifications. The motors are carefully inspected and thoroughly tested in terms of durability and load capacity. We do not compromise in this respect.
Therefore we cannot give you an exact delivery time today. It may be early July.

Reserve your “Salzburgerin” now without any obligation!

Of course, you only pay when your mill is ready to ship!

For the waiting time you will then be rewarded with a very special “Salzburgerin” and a small “thank you” from the small grain mill manufactory in the Salzburger Land!

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