With wholemeal flour the whole grain is processed into flour, unlike the classical superfine flour. Wholemeal is one of the healthiest and most nutritious flours. Many valuable ingredients are contained in the outer layers of the grain and are thus used in wholemeal flour.

Wholemeal flour and products with it contain much more vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fiber.

Wholemeal flour contains iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B and unsaturated fatty acids, as these vital substances are in the outer layer oft he grain.


Wholemeal flour contains a lot of carbs, which provides the body with plenty of energy. In addition, it brings many significant fiber that will quickly satiate (without thickening), which promote digestion and is healthy for the intestine.

Impact on the body

Whole grains promote metabolism and reduce constipation problems. In addition, they should protect against cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease. People who eat more whole grains have a lower risk of developing diabetes. The nervous and muscular activity is also promoted by the consumption of whole grains.


It is best to process wholemeal flour immediately, because it loses vital nutrients within a few hours and can also spoil faster. If you grind your wholemeal flour yourself, all valuable ingredients can be used.

The classic wholemeal flour in the supermarket already experienced a long production, transport and storage process. Everyone can imagine for themselves how many valuable ingredients are left in the flour when buying as a final customer.

Also, wholegrain flour should “rest” for a long time in the processing, otherwise it can not swell enough and the ingredients can not catch up well enough.

It is worthwhile to grind wholemeal flour yourself. With the healthy wholefood you can improve your health and conjure a good feeling. You know that your flour is free of preservatives and rich in valuable ingredients for the body.


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