Wholemeal roll from Berti

Good day!

Your Berti has just tried something fine again! I had just huge mice hunger and have made me very simple whole wheat crackers – mmh, they were good! And since I do not want to deprive you of these delicious Weckerl, here is the recipe that you can use to bake the good Weckerl:

I first dissolved a yeast cube together with a teaspoon of honey in 300ml of warm water for the whole wheat rolls. Then I added 600g of whole wheat flour (you can use spelt or rye flour, for example) with a pinch of salt and a dash of milk to the yeast-honey-water mixture and kneaded the whole thing into a dough. Then the dough must “go” and knead once in between. I then heated the oven to 230°, formed 15 medium-sized Weckerl, brushed them with milk and then baked them for 20 minutes.
When the so fresh Vollkornweckerl then were ready, I have it hardly wait until they were cooled down and I could eat them then finally – that was me a mouse pleasure (:

So, if you also have a craving for whole wheat cookies, then go ahead and you can also let me know how they turned out for you (:

Have a nice day,
Your Berti

PS: Here I still have my Buchtel recipe for you! (:

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