Wholemeal bread compatibility

Hello and greetings,
Today I have again a very interesting topic: Again and again I hear people complain:” Unfortunately, I can not tolerate wholemeal bread, it bloats and I get stomach ache”. Usually they then get the good advice to avoid whole grains after all.
That the culprit in the stomach, however, is not the whole grain, but something else entirely, you do not even come to this idea!
The culprits are all kinds of sugars – because whole grains and sugar don’t mix!
This ferments and in the belly is then a real, small liquor factory at work.
Think about the jam, honey, maple syrup – anything you smear more or less thickly on your bread. Sugar in this case is and remains sugar, even if it is the otherwise healthy honey.
This is also a reason why often the breakfast cereal is not tolerated. Just look at all the sweeteners, especially in the finished mueslis, besides the flakes!!!!
Whole grain bread made from coarse, possibly whole grains is of course also much heavier on the stomach than whole grain bread made from finely milled flour. It’s clear – isn’t it? (:
And with the Salzburg grain mill you can also grind the grain very finely for your bread!
In the future, I’ll just put a slice of my favorite cheese on my bread.
Your Berti

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