Wholefood pioneer Marc Gallus Many families know the situation: the daughter or son leaves home and the grain mill they grew up with goes with them. That’s how it was with me, and after a period of “being alone” I realized that baking without a grain mill is no fun. So, after more than 30 years, I contacted the Salzburg mill builders again and told them about my life and experiences with the MT 18 mill. At your request to publish this story, I am now happy to tell all interested people how I became a gourmet wholefood cook and baker out of passion and how my life began with the MT 18 mill. Yes, it’s been a long time and I’ve found a yellowed folder containing about 100 articles about me as a pioneer of the wholefood movement in the Swiss gastronomy scene. It was an unplanned journey into the past and many feelings accompanied the memories. It was an exciting time back then, a real awakening, a new awareness in terms of nutrition. This was also the beginning of a successful time for me. I wasn’t even aware of the large media presence I had. I was regularly on the radio to read out a recipe for lunch to women (yes, at that time it was mostly women). You notice that I suddenly (at your unintentional suggestion!) plunged into my past and am now trying to return. Especially since my time at TANTRIS (note – excellent noble restaurant in Munich with Michelin stars) I have adopted a logic in the “refinement” of food. This means for me: Every step, every ingredient must serve to improve a product/meal. I have always remained true to the high culinary school. Little by little I made experiments with wholefood products, as the few alternative places that offered corresponding dishes could rarely convince me. I have set myself the task that I must succeed in combining healthy food with pleasure. And it became clear to me that packaged flour always comes into contact with oxygen for a long time. I dealt with this topic intensively and it quickly became clear to me: if you want to process healthy, fresh flour, then flour must only come into contact with oxygen for as short a time as possible – in other words, the flour must be processed as quickly as possible. And to do this, you need a GRAIN MILL.

With luck I came across your technically perfect, efficiently working and in addition shapely product: The Salzburg Grain Mill MT18. This mill has accompanied me for many years during my professional work. The MT18 was always there, even when I was invited to 5 * luxury restaurants and hotels as a guest chef to organize “Culinary Whole Food Weeks”. The robust mill has never let me down and has always survived the transports in the best possible way. Quite a few of my course participants, organized by the Swiss Cooking Association, enthusiastically ordered a Salzburg grain mill for their restaurant/hotel kitchen afterwards. And I believe that many of these mills are still in use today. Seen in this light, I was the initiator of a movement in Switzerland that was previously smiled at quietly by many top chefs. Only now in retrospect do I understand that I have done a lot for this development, not as a strenuous task, no, out of joy and conviction. The beginnings of my cooking career were followed by 16 years in various positions in the kitchen, including chef, in recipe development, and 4 years as head of our cooking school. In countless courses for hobby chefs from Switzerland and neighboring countries, organized by “essen und trinken”, among others, I have passed on the advantages and importance of enjoyable wholefood cuisine. But not only the housewife from next door, no, also chefs and renowned chefs found their way to my coveted courses. The MT 18 mill, which stood by my side during all these years (without having had a single short vacation in the service workshop) as one of my most important kitchen appliances, went into retirement with me, into my private kitchen. Of course, from that time on it is not used as intensively as it was in the professional environment. One month ago I lent it to my daughter. Since then she sends me pictures of her baked goods almost daily, which she makes with the freshly ground grain. She is soon one step ahead of me with her baking art and the mill enriches her life – baking became her hobby. So I gladly gave her the mill as a present and ordered the smaller mill MT12 from you. Soon I will use it again to grind my fresh flour for bread and other bakeries. I am glad that there are idealistic people, like the mill builders from Salzburg, who are still producing such valuable products in this day and age. What I have to say is that the mill has never needed a repair service during its long service life. Even 30 years ago the artificial corundum-ceramic millstones were already on the market. I made a conscious decision for natural stones at that time and have not regretted it until today. Today, these granite stones grind as fine powder as on the first day without ever having to be reground. And the excellent baking properties of the natural stone flour inspire me again and again. If it weren’t for this, my path as a wholemeal flour pioneer would have come to an end after only a short time – because as I said – it must not only be healthy, it must taste good! Some pictures from my pioneering days remind me with joy, some nostalgic feelings and a little melancholy of the pioneering days, of the beginning of my friendship with the Salzburg MT 18. Marc Gallus, Switzerland