Wholefood diet with Barbara Rütting

Wholefood diet with Barbara Rütting

If you have not heard of Barbara Rütting before, you will learn more about a woman who has actively supported the protection of humans, animals and the environment. Recently – on 28 March 2020 – she passed away with 92 years.

Barbara Rütting (born in Germany) was not only active as a film and theatre actor, but later also as a politician. Particularly noteworthy is her contribution to a wholesome diet and her social commitment. As a trained health advisor, she also wrote several books on the topics of nutrition and health, among others.

Barbara Rütting stood for an “eco-conscious” and animal suffering free nutrition and brought out her own whole grain bread recipe, the “Barbara-Rütting-bread”. Her social commitment was expressed, among other things, by giving wholefood cooking courses for cooks and doctors in Bulgaria on the one hand and by bringing grain mills for radiation-damaged children to a children’s clinic in Moscow on the other hand.

And now we, the Salzburg Grain Mills, also come into play, because Barbara Rütting has donated some of our MH 4 hand-operated mills to Africa. Through her donation of our mills she supported many people in baking bread. Many of the people living in developing countries have thus been able to take an important step towards a wholefood diet.

We appreciate Barbara Rütting for her social commitment and for her efforts to promote healthy and wholesome nutrition for all and the expansion of regional production, processing and marketing as well as better animal and environmental protection.

And if you want to know what our hand-operated grain mills look like, you can take a look HERE >>

Our hand-operated mills offer an alternative independent of electricity and ensure the gentlest possible grinding of the grain. Within little time you have nutritious wholegrain flour or muesli.

“Why is a diet with organic whole foods so important? 75 billion euros are spent in Germany every year on the treatment of nutrition-related diseases, diseases that could be avoided, cured or at least alleviated by a healthy wholefood diet.” [1] ~ Barbara Rütting



[1] https://barbara-ruetting.de/dafuer-mache-ich-mich-stark/