Whole grain cereal products recommended by ÖGE and DGE

Whole grain cereal products recommended by ÖGE and DGE

Before we specifically address the recommendation to prefer whole grain cereal products, let’s briefly clarify who ÖGE and DGE are.

The ÖGE is the Austrian Society for Nutrition and is a registered, non-profit association that is concerned with the health of the population and wholesome food and drink based on scientific findings.Whole grain cereal products recommended by ÖGE and DGE

The DGE is the German Nutrition Society and, so to speak, the counterpart to the ÖGE. It provides non-material support for nutritional research and informs about new findings. In addition, the DGE promotes whole-food nutrition through nutrition education and quality assurance in nutrition counseling. It, too, is based on scientific assessments.

Both the ÖGE and the DGE have established 10 rules/recommendations on whole food nutrition. Today we would like to go into more detail on one of the 10 rules/recommendations.

ÖGE recommends: “Cereal products and potatoes – 4 servings a day. Choose from the variety of cereals. Give preference to grain products such as bread, pasta and rice made from whole grains.” [1]

And also the DGE writes: “Choose whole grains – When it comes to grain products like bread, pasta, rice and flour, the whole grain variety is the best choice for your health. Foods made with whole grains are more filling and contain more nutrients than white flour products. Fiber from whole grains reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, colon cancer and cardiovascular disease.”

Furthermore, we read at the DGE that cereal products from whole grains are not only rich in carbohydrates and satiating, but also have a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition, we should consume 30 g of dietary fiber daily from legumes, vegetables, fruits and precisely whole grain cereals.

If we eat more cereals and other plant-based foods, they use fewer resources in production than animal-based foods. Accordingly, one is not only doing something for one’s health, but also for the environment.

So we can see how important whole grains and the products made from them are for the human body and why cereal products made from whole grains are recommended by ÖGE and DGE.




[1] https://www.oege.at/index.php/bildung-information/empfehlungen

[2] https://www.dge.de/ernaehrungspraxis/vollwertige-ernaehrung/10-regeln-der-dge/

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