What to consider before grocery shopping -Berti’s useful tips

What to consider before grocery shopping -Berti’s useful tips

Hello all,

here is the Berti! Since I am a conscious mouser, I not only eat healthy, but I am also very mindful when shopping for groceries. When I shop consciously, it benefits my health and the environment. I can also save money in the process. I’ve put together some useful tips for you to consider before you go grocery shopping:

  • First check at home what you still have in stock. Are there any staples that need to be replenished? I recommend you to buy foods like cereals, pasta, cane sugar, rice, etc. in large quantities. This is not only cheaper, but also generates significantly less waste.
  • Creates a cooking plan for the next few days or even the next week. Also consider the following questions:
    • How can I make my menu as varied as possible? Can I get ideas from cookbooks, the internet, or even friends or family?
    • Which fruits and vegetables are in season? The best thing to do here would also be to select fresh fruits and vegetables on site.
    • Are there any special offers at the moment?
  • Write a shopping list and write down only what you really need.
  • Then, when you go shopping, make sure you don’t leave the house with an empty stomach. Hunger may tempt you to buy things you don’t need.
  • Take enough time for your shopping. Conscious shopping is the be-all and end-all. Shopping in stress and scurrying can lead to “bad buys”. Because if you really only buy what you need and what you can process, you avoid food going bad and having to throw it away.
  • To save on packaging, take cloth bags, baskets and/or collapsible boxes with you for transport.
  • Also consider the following: Is there perhaps a farm nearby where you can get fresh milk and eggs? Is there a weekly market in the area? Is it easier to buy unpackaged, fresh, regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables there than in the supermarket?

That’s it so far from my side. Have my tips given you food for thought? Or are you already doing this like me?

The Berti wishes you a nice day and a conscious next purchase!

PS. Here is still my blueberry patty recipe for the summer!


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