What distinguishes a Salzburg grain mill?

What distinguishes a Salzburg grain mill?

Our down-to-earth family business – the Salzburg Grain Mills – has been existing for over 40 years now. Our values include quality, longevity and genuine craftsmanship. Every mill is handmade with great care. The use of natural materials is very important to us as well.

Today we want to look at in detail, what distinguishes our Salzburg grain mills:

  • The grinding chamber is made of solid wood: In our grinding chamber, grain and flour only come into contact with wood. Exceptions are, of course, the stone holder and the grinding stone. The grinding chambers are made of solid, hard and untreated beech wood.
  • Antistatic effect of wood in the grinding chamber: As our grinding chambers are made of wood, there is no electrostatic charging – in contrast to grinding chambers made of plastic. It is said that wood also has an antibacterial effect.What distinguishes a Salzburg grain mill?
  • The heart of the mill is a natural granite millstone: Each pair of granite millstones in a Salzburg grain mill is carefully hand-worked and is therefore unique. Our millstones are durable, almost unbreakable and self-sharpening. In contrast to mills with artificially produced corundum-ceramic milling stones, our grain mills do not allow artificial abrasion to land in the flour.
  • The housing is made of solid wood: Just like the grinding chamber, the mill housing is made of wood. On the outside it is only treated with organic beeswax oil.
  • The proven coarse-fine adjustment: You can easily vary the degree of fineness of the flour with just one hand – even during grinding.
  • No plastics in the thread: Our threads are made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • The motors are from Austria: We use Austrian ATB motors for our electrically operated mills. We avoid imports that have a long transport distance.

As you can see, we make every effort to ensure that our Salzburg grain mills have a high quality. Because if work is done with pleasure, then it usually is done well!

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