What can be done with bran?

Before we let you know what you can use bran for, let’s first clarify what it is.

Bran is the term used to describe the milling by-product that is left over when a grain is processed into flour. In the production of white flours, it is the marginal layers (seed coat, fruit coat, aleurone layer) and usually the germ that make up the rest. And that is exactly what the bran is. If cereals are processed into whole grain flour, the bran is also milled.

If you own a grain mill and grind grain yourself, you can also sieve it out a little afterwards. The sifted out product is the bran. The flour without the milling by-product is often better to use, especially for fine pastries. The question that remains is: What can be done with bran? Was kann man mit Kleie machen?

First, it should be mentioned that bran can be particularly beneficial to health. It contains vast amounts of vitamins and minerals. Above all, however, it contains a lot of dietary fiber, which can have not only a digestive effect.

Bran can be used very versatile. It can be advantageous if it is first soaked in a little water. It can be added to yogurt or made into a breakfast porridge. But it is also used in baking for certain recipes: there are breads or cookies with extra bran content. Bran can also be used for patties, as an additive for smoothies or as an ingredient for soups or stews. The idea of using it as semolina for semolina pudding has also come up.

So you see, the uses for this milling by-product are countless. If you have more experience and more ideas on how to use it, please leave us a comment. Likewise, we’d love to hear from you via email (to j.fuschelberger@agrisan.at)!

See you soon and stay safe!

P.S. Sufficient to drink, especially water, should not be forgotten in a high-fiber diet.

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That was: What can be done with bran?

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