Well supplied with Naked Brunch and Cherry Berry Chocolady

Who does not know our ingenious
new Salzburg flake master
has not yet met, you have missed something. Because with the practical gear drive and modern design, it flakes even very small and fatty grains and fits into any kitchen. The flake master is perfect for the
YouFlake organic muesli mixes
: Just combine a granola base with a topping of your choice and you have the perfect breakfast!

Our tip for today: the
Naked Brunch Base
with the
Cherry Berry Chocolady

Naked oats and spelt – the two grains in the muesli base – are both particularly valuable in terms of their ingredients. Both naked oats and spelt have a fairly high content of (partly essential) proteins. These cereals are also rich in minerals and vitamins. For example, oats contain a lot of calcium, iron, manganese, silicon, zinc and magnesium, as well as various B vitamins and abundant vitamin E.Well supplied with Naked Brunch and Cherry Berry Chocolady

And also the spelt is very rich in nutrients that even Hildegard of Bingen already wrote:” Spelt is the best grain, fatty and powerful and easier to digest than all other grains.

Rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, the flaxseeds and sesame seeds found in the Naked Brunch granola base are also great.

And now, a few facts about the Cherry Berry Chocolady Topping:
  • The combination of fine cocoa nibs, delicious sour cherries and sweet blueberries makes your breakfast an unforgettable taste experience.
  • The freeze-dried sour cherries and blueberries retain their important nutrients and still keep for a long time.
  • Sauerkrasses contain cleansing plant acids. These boost metabolism and have a disinfecting effect, as they destroy pathogenic (i.e. disease-causing) germs.
  • Blueberries can act as a blood vessel dilator by the blue pigment myrtillin interacting with vitamin C and iron.
Such a brilliant breakfast combo like these also form the muesli base book without wheat with the 3BeerenBiss organic topping – but see for yourself >>


Münzing-Ruef, I. (1999): Kursbuch gesunde Ernährung. The kitchen as a pharmacy of nature. Munich: Zabert Sandmann GmbH



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