Thanks to many years of experience, our grain mills are produced and controlled directly in our controlled in our factory. We only use selected materials and motors.
However, defects can occur!

Warranty for household mills with corundum-ceramic mill-stones: 12 year warranty.

Guarantee for natural stone mills: 12 years warranty. From 23.4.2012

In addition we guarantee, that for all natural stones, that have to be sharpened or re-worked during the 12-year warranty period we will carry out this service free of charge.

Commercial Mills: 2 year warranty

Terms of Warranty:
The warranty applies to all occurring material or processing defects, and depends on the choice of the manufacturer to replace, repair or refund the mill. It does not include the replacement of consequential damage nor loss due to natural wear and tear or to damages caused by the use of force,
and/or improper use or lack of improper maintenance.

Intervention by any unauthorised persons, who are neither employed by our company nor authorised by us, results in the warranty becoming invalid. The warranty applies to all appliances intended for the entire European market.

Fragile parts are excluded from the guarantee. Wood is a living material and small cracks in the wooden casing may arise. These are not considered to be material defects.

In case of any warranty claim your statutory warranty rights, which you can independently assert against us, do, of course, remain upright in case of any defect and are not restricted by the warranty.

Any claim against the warranty within the 12 year period does not cause the warranty period to be prolonged or renewed.

Proof of purchase must be provided for any warranty claim.

Warranty claims:
Within the claim period, we do, of course, carry out any necessary repair work completely free of charge on defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period.
Before you return the appliance:
However, before you return the appliance to us we request you to send us a short mail or to call us. The problem may only be very small or even due to operating errors. It may only be a small insignificant fault, which can be easily solved. In this way you can save your mill from any unnecessary transport strain.

Shipping – Packing: If necessary, for return shipments please pack your mill in its original box or use a sufficiently strong cardboard box with enough protective material. Please use enough stuffing material such as newspapers, cardboard, etc.

Please send only the mill without any accessories, lid, owner’s manual etc.

Please also include information on the problem with the mill, which you want solved and also your phone number should be need to contact you if necessary.

Please return the parcel sufficiently stamped –please also consider taking transport insurance, which does incur higher postage costs.

Warrentor and warranty address:
Gasteigweg 25
A 5400 Hallein

Tel. 0043 6245 83282

email:  info@agrisan.at