Useful tips for buckwheat

Although the name might suggest it, buckwheat has nothing to do with wheat. Buckwheat is a pseudo-cereal, as it does not belong to the botanical family Poaceae – just like most conventional cereals. Moreover, it does not contain gluten.

Buckwheat contains many important macro- and micronutrients as well as health-promoting phytochemicals. However, we won’t go into all of that in detail today, but rather what you can thnk of when buying, storing, and milling this pseudo-cereal.

Here are some useful tips for buckwheat

When buying, make sure that you buy buckwheat from organic farming and, if possible, from the region around. We don’t recommend buying buckwheat flour not only because freshly ground flour is more nutritious and tastes better, but also because store-bought buckwheat flour actually goes rancid very quickly.

StoragePraktische Tipps für den Buchweizen

Whole buckwheat, on the other hand, can be stored very well for a long time. So you can also buy it in stock. For storage, it is important to remember that the pseudocereal should be stored in a

  • dark,
  • airtight,
  • dry and
  • cool

place. So maybe find a container that doesn’t let light or air through and put it in a pantry, for example.


For your buckwheat flour, it is advisable to always grind it freshly, and just the amount you need at the time. In this way, the important ingredients for our body are preserved. The taste of freshly ground buckwheat flour is also delicious: slightly nutty. It is suitable for the preparation of savory, but also sweet dishes.


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The team of the  Salzburg Grain Mills hopes that you can take something away from this article – and maybe even put it into practice?

Stay healthy and see you soon!



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This was: Useful tips for buckwheat

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