Transportation and storage of food

Hello and greetings,

It’s me again – your Berti. You’ve already learned a few things about conscious grocery shopping.
What should be considered before and during the purchase, I have already told you. But since I’m a curious and inquisitive mouse, I still did some research on the best way to bring my food home and then store it there. Here I have useful tips for you:


  • To keep the freshness of food, the rule is: refrigerated products should be brought home quickly. Especially in the summer it would be advantageous to bring a cool bag to protect the chilled or even frozen food from heat.
  • When transporting vegetables and fruits, be careful not to crush or damage them.
  • Be careful also when transporting eggs!
  • When “bringing home” meat, be careful not to get “juice” from raw meat on other foods.Transport and storage
  • Transport your food in cloth bags, baskets or collapsible boxes.


  • It is best to store bread in bread tins or boxes, or alternatively in cloth bags. It is most beneficial for the bread if it is stored clean and dry. If you want to learn even more about the storage of bread, then we have
    here is another article for you
  • Fruits and vegetables – if purchased in packaging – should be unpacked.
  • Do not store fruits and vegetables and apples and other fruits together.
  • If you have open packages, be sure to reseal them.
  • Storage in the refrigerator:
    • Store foods to be used first in front and those that will last longer behind.
    • Keep in mind that there are different temperatures in the refrigerator:
    • Storage of meat and sausage is recommended in the lower compartment (but still above the vegetable compartment). It is coldest there.
    • Above it should be stored dairy products.
    • At the top of the refrigerator go packaged cheese and prepared dishes.
    • Jam, eggs and mustard are best stored in the refrigerator door.
    • Fruits and vegetables go into the designated compartments at the bottom of the refrigerator.
  • If you open cans of food, I recommend that you use them up quickly. If anything is left over, decant the contents into a jar, for example.
  • If jam, pickles, etc. are not used all at once, then you should only take the food out of the jar/package with clean utensils.
  • And my last tip to you is that it is beneficial to clean your refrigerator regularly. So you will have a hygienic storage of food and reduce the infestation of mold.

I hope the tips on transporting and storing food are as helpful to you as they are to me. I wish you a beautiful late summer day!

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