Too much sugar for the body?

Hello to all those with a sweet tooth!

“I’m already sooo full, but because “this” is sooo good, I still have to eat “that”!
I hear this again and again after a rich main course, which is usually preceded by a good soup.
Then the cake, the cream, the pudding or anything else is still “pushed down” with enthusiasm. The stomach often ohehin already hurts and signals stop – I’m full, I’ve had enough!
But especially children love sweets in various forms.
Our organism is more or less burdened by wrong eating habits.
Many sweets reduce the functioning of the digestive organs. This in turn weakens resistance to disease.

Sugar overloads the organs and has an inhibitory effect on metabolism. This disturbance in the stomach in turn negatively affects brain activity and thus the ability to think and learn!
And above all, children should be awake and alert at school.
Therefore, avoid refined sugar, especially at breakfast. A muesli freshly made with the Salzburger Flocker gives your children, but also you, a lot of strength, vigor and energy for the day.

Your Berti

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