Today is DAY OF PEDS

Therefore I do not  like to give you today a new recipe or write about the Salzburg flour mills.

Today the animals are close to my heart – our friends!

I HAVE A HEART FOR CHICKENS and all animals (except snakes!)

I have a big request for you all: Please open your eyes when buying chicken and turkey meat. Of course, when buying calf and beef!PEDS

How much have I enjoyed my breakfast egg for breakfast or my turkey schnitzel? But my appetite has passed completely.

When I think about how some animal colleagues are treated, then I’m glad that I am a free mouse in the house of the Salzburg flour mills!

Do not be fooled by beautiful statements that say nothing – see if the eggs are BIO (organic) (then the chickens have at least a healthy food and no antibiotic).

Not every package that advertises “natural”, species-appropriate, etc. with beautiful statements, keeps its promises. Please, please make yourself smart and inform yourself about animal misery and what you personally can do to reduce this. Alone the purchase of low-quality eggs and cheapest meat to avoid is a valuable contribution. When this animal suffering meat rots on the shelves much is done! If you, the consumers, show that you do not want this meat, then the profitable suppliers will finally start to think! As long as you buy it is just produced – animals are for many animal products (otherwise I can not call these villains) only money! Everyone can contribute with their buying behavior!

Most chickenslife  is short and terrible.

Small baby chickens are often junked immediately – a small consolation that will save them from a desolate, cruel cock life.

And I ask you: how can the meats or chicken eggs taste good of these poor chicken?

Anyway, my appetite has gone – I open my eyes – and I advise you to do so! No more cheap eggs and no inferior chicken meat on the table!

So please open your eyes when buying eggs and poultry.

The terribly affected Berti – who does not speak English very well!


What do you think about local organic products? (: Here is a post for you!

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