Tips for a strong immune system

Winter is coming, the Corona pandemic is not over yet, and being healthy, or staying that way, is paramount. There are things we cannot influence in this respect, but there is one thing that everyone can do themselves: strengthen their own immune system.

In today’s post, we have tips for you on how to boost your immune system to get through this time with full force.

Tips for a strong immune systemTips for a strong immune system

  • A complete and balanced diet: In order for our body to “resist”, it must be supplied with sufficient nutrients. So you should pay attention to particularly nutrient-rich, unprocessed foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds(about 75%), supplemented with animal foods (eggs, fish, dairy products, etc.; about 25%). You should avoid sweet, fatty, salty, processed foods with tons of food additives as much as possible.
  • Sufficient fluids: To strengthen your immune system, not only the appropriate foods are important. Likewise, sufficient drinking and especially the “right” drinks are crucial. Besides water, teas or infused water* are very suitable. Again, drinks with a lot of sugar and additives should be avoided.
  • Regular exercise: Sports and exercise are essential for a strong immune system. Regular endurance and strength training (without overexertion!) help you to activate the immune cells of the body.
  • Time in the fresh air: If you (ideally) spend at least one hour a day outdoors, our body can also strengthen itself here.
  • Sufficient sleep and relaxation: If we sleep too little, our immune system does not function as well. A sufficient sleep of about 7-9 hours allows the body to recover and gather new strength.

We hope you can take these tips and implement them – if you are not already doing so – and thus come through the winter and the pandemic stronger.

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*This is water that is spiced up with fruit, vegetables or herbs.

That was: Tips for a strong immune system

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