Tips for a conscious diet (part 2)

Last week is already that first part of this series of articles on our Salzburg grain mills blog appeared. We have already shared the first tips for a conscious diet with you. Eating and drinking consciously has a very high priority in our life, because it is one of the essential things, right ?!

So that it is easier for you to develop your own “nutritional awareness” * , we have started this series of articles for you. Also today we have valuable tips for a conscious diet (part 2) for you:Tips for a conscious diet (part 2)


  • Do not buy foods with more than five ingredients: The more natural and unprocessed a food / product is, the more likely it is that it will have a beneficial effect on our body. This means that foods that are heavily processed and contain huge amounts of (often “unnatural”) ingredients should only be eaten in small amounts. Perhaps you can already make sure when shopping that you do not buy foods with more than five ingredients.


  • Regionality, seasonality and quality: Of course, a conscious diet also includes conscious handling of food. Apart from the fact that you can pay attention to their degree of processing, food / products can also bring other important values with them. For example, you can access the Regionality , so look at the origin of a food (Can I possibly support farmers and businesses in my area? Wouldn’t I like to support food being transported halfway around the world?). It can also be very important, including on that quality to respect a product (does the food come from organic agriculture? was it fair traded?). Last but not least, especially with vegetables and fruits, we can answer the question of the Seasonality (Which fruit is ripe when? In which months can which vegetables be eaten without having to be delivered from far away?).


If you also implement these two tips, then you are exactly on the right path to develop your own nutritional awareness. Conscious eating and drinking doesn’t have to happen overnight. Take the time you need!

We of the Salzburg flour mills wish you a wonderful day!


* If you have any questions that we do not answer in our blog posts, please feel free to email us at send.


That was: Tips for a conscious diet (part 2)

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