The scent of bread is like the scent of home – seasoning bread properly

Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked bread. So tempting that you want to cut a slice right away.

But where does this inviting smell come from?

In the past, bread was made only from flour, water and a little salt. It was not until much later that spices began to be used to change the taste and different countries and regions developed their own spice mixtures and bread recipes. This knowledge was often only passed on from grandmother to mother to daughter.

That bread also smells really good, for this 3 factors are decisive:

The dough and its yeast, how the bread is baked and the spices that are used.

The classics for bread seasoning are:

  • the appetizing and digestive caraway seeds
  • the anise stimulating the gastrointestinal tract
  • the soothing fennel
  • the appetizing and also digestive coriander

Thus, bread seasonings are not only crucial for good taste, but besides that, they are also beneficial to health, since first the appetite and then the digestion are stimulated.

If you mix these four ingredients in equal proportions (e.g. 2 tablespoons each) you have the classic Austrian bread seasoning at hand. Depending on whether you want it to be a strong or mild bread, mix one to two tablespoons of the bread seasoning per 500 grams of flour.

As always, it is best if the spices are freshly ground. With your Salzburg grain mill, you can grind the desired amount along with the grain.

No need to point out that these freshly ground spices produce a different smell and taste than pre-packaged spices, which are usually stored in the store for weeks or months.

If you have a grain mill, mix the different spices and add them to the grain for grinding. Freshly grinding grain and spices is a prerequisite for baking art at the highest level. The grain mill is therefore also in no way your spice mill. It is no longer necessary to grind the spices in stock and store them in a container. Because storing always means a loss of the delicious, original flavor!

Have a wonderful day!

Here you can still get to Berti’s special spice blend:


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