The new Salzburg flake master with modern design and gear drive is here

There is great news: the
new Salzburg flake masters
is here! Not only does it have a great new design, but it now works with gear drive. And the best thing is: the new Salzburger Flockenmeister is 100% plastic-free!

Be prepared for what the Salzburg flake master has to offer with a new design and gear drive:

  • Stainless steel gear drive
  • Rollers made of nickel-free stainless steel
  • No blocking or idling of the rollers
  • Flakes almost everything – even various spices
  • Soaking of ingredients before flaking is not necessary
  • The flakes fall into a natural wooden container
  • Flakes 130 g of oats or 120 g of spelt per minute
  • Easy cleaning of the rollers
  • Natural beech wood protected by organic beeswax oil
  • 5 years warranty

As you can see, the new Salzburger Flockenmeister brings with it an incredible number of advantages.

The new Salzburger flake master with modern design and gear drive is suitable for flaking all kinds of grains such as oats, spelt, wheat, rye, Einkorn etc.. Small grains such as quinoa and amaranth can be flaked well.

In addition, the Salzburg flake master flakes flax and chia seeds, poppy seeds, small woods (licorice, hyssop) and spices (e.g. peppercorns, coriander, caraway, anise, …). The flaked spices can not only unfold their flavor in bread or other dishes, you can also prepare your own aromatic tea seed with the Salzburger Flockenmeister. For this we even have a separate blog post with an anise-cumin-fennel tea recipe for you >>

With the newly developed adjustment system of the Salzburg flake master, idling of the rollers is reduced. You can adjust the distance between the rollers depending on the size of the ingredients. Therefore, it is also possible to flake small grains and spices.With the new Salzburger Flockenmeister you make your own breakfast flakes very easily. Fresh flakes from e.g. oats, spelt or Einkorn contain important vitamins and minerals. Since the whole grain is flaked and not further processed, the valuable ingredients are retained. So you can start the day with a full breakfast!

Here is our new Salzburg flake master with modern design and gear drive >>

But maybe you like the previous model of the flake master as well? >>

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