The greatest compliment we have ever received for our Salzburg grain mills.

The greatest compliment

A few days ago a customer sent us a message. Enthusiastic and satisfied, she describes our mill as a true empress. The compliment which the customer gave us can be seen itself. We want to share it with you:

“[…] a dream came true. Wonderful flour, as soft as velvet, good smelling and all of it in a very short time. A wonderful baking day is over. Thanks to the “Empress from Austria” with the best flour ever! Thank you again for your great advice on the larger mill.  It is a benefit for me! “

That she calls herself a happy baker obviously does not only make us happy.

It’s good to know that there are people who enjoy their Salzburg grain mill so much. People who know for themselves how great the value of self ground flour is and how delicious home-made bread and pastries can taste.

For the home-baked croissants that you can see in the photos, we also have a recipe. It comes from the website and here is the link:

Instead of flour, our customer has ground and screened wheat herself. She has used the resulting wheat bran for her cereal.


Well, if that’s not the greatest compliment..blank


Happy and satisfied, we wish you a nice day!