The Ankarsrum Veggie Package chops vegetables, cheese, nuts and much more

Ankarsrum Veggie Package – vegetable slicer & additional drums

Vegetables should not be missing from any daily menu and provide the body with many valuable vitamins and nutrients. With the Ankarsrum vegetable slicer, the ideal accessory for your food processor from the well-known manufacturer is waiting for you to easily process these natural basic ingredients and incorporate them into soups or main dishes in as many ways as possible. Simply attached to your Ankarsrum food processor, the special accessory chops vegetables such as carrots, beetroot or potatoes in a variety of ways and makes for a healthy side dish or crunchy salads. Our shop stocks the original Ankarsrum vegetable slicer alongside other brand accessories that you can attach to your food processor in just a few simple steps and use straight away.

Useful vegetable slicer with multiple functionsThe Ankarsrum Veggie Package chops vegetables, cheese, nuts and much more

To use the Ankarsrum vegetable slicer properly, select one of the drums and insert it into the attachment as a slicer. This can then be attached to your Ankarsrum food processor for a precise fit and powerful operation at the touch of a button. The Ankarsrum vegetable slicer set includes three grating drums with different finenesses, a slicing drum, a Julienne grater and a special grater for potatoes. They allow you to cater equally to your favorite vegetables as well as the subtlety you desire for fresh salads, savory side dishes or other uses.

Creative cooking and baking with vegetables & co.

While the Ankarsrum vegetable slicer is primarily for natural and green ingredients and want to simplify your everyday cooking, you can also use the drums for other purposes. Process nuts and almonds, for example, to crush them during advent and Christmas baking and add a healthy and crunchy touch to your cookies. Cheese or chocolate can also be grated with the grating function of the Ankarsrum vegetable slicer and become a delicious addition to your culinary ideas. There are no limits to your imagination when using the vegetable slicer, and you can easily remove and clean the attachment after use.

The Ankarsrum Veggie Package chops vegetables, cheese, nuts and much more >> here it is >>

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