The advantages of the flaker with gear drive

The Salzburger Master Flaker* has been part of the Salzburger grain mill range for many years. Over time, we have not only thought about and implemented ideas for a new design, but also perfected the technology. The result is our Salzburger master flaker with gear drive. It is available in beech, nut or oak wood.

Here are the advantages of the flaker with gear drive

  • The gear drive is made of nickel-free stainless steel rollers.Die Vorteile des Flockers mit Zahnradantrieb
  • The housing is made of solid wood.
  • The funnel is removable, which facilitates the cleaning of the rollers.
  • The custor is made of steel.
  • The flaker is protected on the outside with beeswax oil.
  • The wooden container is integrated.
  • The flaker runs without a motor and is therefore ideal in times of crisis.
  • The gear-driven flaker is also child-friendly and makes the little ones happy to help.
  • The Master Flaker is completely plastic-free.

Sounds pretty promising – doesn’t it? It is! And the fresh flakes or the aromatic spices that the Salzburg master flaker flakes and crushes are the best proof of this.

More possibilities and more functionality due to the gears

  • The special feature of the gear drive is that it prevents the rollers from spinning. Since one roller is driven directly by the crank and the second by the gears, there is no annoying spinning of the rollers.
  • With the master flaker with gear drive there are more possibilities to crush different seeds. For many grain crushers, sunflower seeds are difficult or impossible to process because of their size, but the Salzburg flaker manages even that.
  • When pressing very oily seeds (such as linseed or poppy seeds), no sticking occurs with the flaker master with gear drive.

Each SalzburgFl Master Flaker with gear drive is unique and is built with craftsmanship and a lot of love. If you want, you can take a closer look at the flakers here >>

See you soon and best regards from the team of the Salzburg Grain Mills!

*The words master flaker and flaker are used synonymously here.

For our german-speaking customers we have the same blog post in german for you here >>

This was: The advantages of the flaker with gear drive

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