The accessories for your Salzburg flour mill (2/2)

The accessories for your Salzburg flour mill (2/2)

Already last week we presented you a part of the accessories for your Salzburg Grain Mill (
here to the article >>
). But the organic grain and the granaries are not all that we have in our assortment. In today’s article we present you our traditional flour sifters, our proofing and bread baskets and our pine wood bowls.

Well sifted is half baked” – Our traditional Flour sifters are suitable for sifting wholemeal flour or for fluffing flour.

A flour sifter is a flat, fine sieve with a high rim made of wood or sheet metal. The shape is reminiscent of an upside-down tambourine. Flour sieves are used to clean the flour of bran and storage pests and to remove lumps of flour, making sifted flour easier to process.

Flour sifter set
consists of the fine and coarse sieve. The sieves fit exactly into each other and can thus be stored in a space-saving manner.

You can find more tips for baking here >>

“The eye eats with you ” – our fermenting and
Bread baskets

Round bread basket for 1.5 kgBefore going into the oven, let the kneaded dough rise in the bread basket for the last time. This gives the bread the traditional bread shape. Of course, you can also use the baskets to put them on the breakfast table with the sliced bread, for example.

The bread baskets are made of peddig cane. We have them for 1 kg or 1.5 kg of bread in round and oval shapes. The production of the bread baskets takes place in Germany.

Where cereals, flour and muesli feel at home” – our sustainable
Swiss stone pine bowls

For wholesome and natural flour, it also needs sustainable pine wood bowls. Apart from the fact that these bowls are made of natural material – and wood, this is even supposed to be antistatic and antibacterial. [1]

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If you still want to know something about the organic grain and our granaries, then you come here again to our last contribution:

The accessories for your Salzburg grain mill (1/2)

See you then!


That was: The accessories for your Salzburg flour mill (2/2)

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