The accessories for your Salzburg flour mill (1/2)

The accessories for your Salzburg flour mill (1/2)

So that nothing more stands in the way of cooking, baking and housekeeping with a Salzburg grain mill, it needs besides the Grain mill something else… exactly, the accessories!

First of all, you need grain. The grain we offer
Organic cereals
comes from a small mill near Salzburg and is certified Bio-Austria. We have chosen this mill as a partner because we attach importance to the fact that the grain is grown in Austria, is GMO-free and comes from organic farming. In addition to the “conventional” cereals, such as wheat, spelt, rye, oats, we also offer Einkorn and Corn offer.
The grain should be stored in a cool, dry place and, if possible, in the dark.

Once you have bought grain, the next question is: where is the best place to store it? Right, in a

Grain is stored optimally when it is stored in an airy, dry place and is also in constant motion. The drier the grain, the better the flour quality. Dry grain is the most important condition for the prevention of mold!

Our granaries are grain sacks made of pre-washed natural linen fabric. This is washable up to 60 degrees. In our grain bins made of linen, the grain is also safe from moth infestation.

To make things as easy as possible for you during cooking and baking, our granaries have a smart automatic drainage system. This can even be operated with just one hand.The accessories for your Salzburg flour mill (1/2)

We have the grain bins made of linen in three different sizes for you. We also offer wall holders for 3 canvas bags.

But that’s not all the accessories we offer. In another article we will introduce you to our flour sifters, bread baskets and pine wood bowls.

See you then!

Contributions to
, Corn and
, but also other cereals you will find
here >>

And since you should not only store grain properly, but also the baked bread, you will learn here how and especially where I store your bread properly >>

That was: The accessories for your Salzburg flour mill (1/2)

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