Storage – store grain properly

In order for your grain to have a long shelf life and also not be attacked by pests, there are only a few points to consider.
In fact, you only need to think about how we humans like to live ourselves: Grain should be able to breathe and likes it dry.
Damp storage causes risk of mold! Storing in airtight packaging will suffocate the grain – so store grain in cotton or linen bags, strong cardboard boxes are also acceptable. We recommend avoiding plastic packaging.
When packing in cloth bags, make sure that no pests can get into them – so tie them tightly!
It is also still important that the bags are moved regularly – moths and other pests love cozy, quiet places to stay.
If you regularly move the bags, it will be uncomfortable for uninvited guests!
For this purpose, it is recommended to put larger bags on rollers.
If you fill your grain into smaller containers (e.g. into our linen bins), the grain constantly trickles from the top and is thus optimally moved.

It should also be remembered that the grain with the shortest expiration date should always be consumed first and exchanged for fresh grain.

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