Sourdough – homemade

Sourdough – homemade

Making your own sourdough and using it to bake bread proves to be more of a challenge for some. And indeed, when making your own sourdough, things can go wrong. So if you want to bake bread and have no experience at all, you can also just start with a bread with yeast dough.
For those who want to bake a sourdough bread, but do not yet want to do everything yourself, there is another option. You can easily buy a sourdough starter at some health food stores or certain bakeries.

So what actually is a sourdough? The fermentation process of the mixture of flour and water produces lactic acid bacteria. Since the dough also smells sour, it is called sourdough. This dough is a natural leavening agent and makes the bread easier to digest. You can also read about this in our article about lactic acid bacteria >> Sourdough - homemade

Often sourdoughs are made mainly from rye, but with wheat or spelt or other grains, of course, it also works.

And this is how you make your own sourdough:

  • Mix 100 g rye flour + 100 ml water in a bowl. Cover the dough and let it stand at room temperature for at least 24 hours.
  • Feeding: add 100 g of rye flour and 100 ml of water every day for the following two to five days.
  • Before you bake the bread, you should let the dough stand for at least another 12 hours. If you don’t have time for this, you can use additional yeast for baking. On the day of baking, flour and water are added once again. How much depends on the desired amount on the one hand and on the recipe on the other.

Before you process all the sourdough, you can take away some of it and put it in a jar. This is now the base for your next sourdough bread! If you keep the jar sealed in the refrigerator, the mixture can be stored for a longer time before you use it for further processing.

Sourdough – homemade – we wish you good luck!


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