Silicone baking molds: So many harmful substances get into the baked goods during baking

Silicone baking molds: So many harmful substances get into the baked goods during baking

The pastry does not stick, they can withstand high temperatures and are easy to store in the kitchen cabinet: Silicone baking molds have clear advantages. However, it is also a fact that harmful substances such as siloxanes, plasticizers or antioxidants can dissolve from the silicone, especially at high temperatures. “These harmful substances can then pass into the baked goods and thus be absorbed into the body with the food,” says the VKI, which conducted an international test for the December issue of the magazine “Konsument” on a total of 44 silicone molds that were available in stores or online retailers in the nine participating countries
have been subjected to a test. In particular, products that have a larger contact surface with the food were investigated. 22 of the products were also available in Austria at the time of testing.

Not a single product was “clean

The result: all baking pans release substances during baking. “While none of the products pose an immediate health risk, they should still not exactly be used on a daily basis,” the testers say. Six products caught the testers’ attention in a particularly negative way because a particularly high concentration of contaminants can pass from them into the baked goods. The two products from Amazon Basics and ionEgg even exceeded the legally prescribed limits. “Because greasy foods in particular release larger amounts of harmful substances from the molds, you should not use any of the six products mentioned for particularly greasy doughs,” the testers explain. So better keep your hands off:

  • AliExpress “Mini Muffin Cup 24” as well as “Silicone Donut Mold”
  • Amazon Basics reusable silicone baking cups, pack of 24
  • ionEgg silicone baking mold, round silicone mold for cupcakes and muffins
  • Tupperware U 39 Easyplus Tupcakes
  • silicone mold for chocolate cake, 6 holes

Six products recommended

The products from

  • Ikea,
  • Silikomart (2 models),
  • Tefal,
  • Mastrad
  • and homEdge off.

Only very small amounts of silicone compounds leaked from these baking molds. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to a few basic rules when using it:
The maximum temperature indicated – usually found directly on the baking pan – should never be exceeded during baking. Sometimes important warnings can also be found on the packaging, so it is advisable to look at the packaging before disposing of
to look at closely. Further applies:

  • Always place the mold in a preheated oven,
  • always place at least five centimeters away from the walls or the top of the furnace,
  • never heat on a direct flame/heat source (hot plates, etc.).
  • When removing the baked goods or when cleaning the
    Do not use knives or other sharp objects in the mold,
  • for dishes with a high fat content, rather choose a lower temperature and always stay slightly below the maximum temperature indicated.

The smell already reveals a lot

The VKI recommendation is to buy silicone baking molds in brick-and-mortar stores and not on the Internet. “Only when you have the product in front of you in the store can you verify that the product is stable and that it does not release unpleasant odors. These characteristics are indications that the silicone has been carefully processed and that less of the problematic substances are released during use.”

Source: Kleine Zeitung

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