Short life for electrical appliances?

Hello dear ones,

today I am quite outraged and upset! I was just about to wash my mouse laundry and do some real spring cleaning in my mouse house again and now imagine: The washing machine is not that old, about 2 years, and it doesn’t work anymore! And if that wasn’t annoying enough, I just found out that the warranty expired exactly one month ago!!!!

And if I’m honest, this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this – no – the same thing happened to me with my cell phone, too. Even my mouse friends report such annoying experiences. What’s going on? Whether it’s irons, computers, vacuum cleaners or other appliances, it’s always the case that a problem occurs shortly after the warranty expires.
Could it be that this “problem” is already planned for when the equipment is built?
One hears and reads, nevertheless, again and again some about these machinations.

And now the good news: unlike many other products that are manufactured in this way,
that they work only a limited time, the Salzburg grain mills are very durable! On our
Grain mills are guaranteed for 12 years and grinding stones for 24 years. BUT: The service life
of the Salzburg flour mills has been proven to be 35-40 years. Just the other day we received the following message from mill owners who have had their mill for 30 years:

Indeed, a great company that fabricates such long-lasting “decades” products, and thus
market growth is self-limited due to a lack of “new procurement demand”. And yet, or precisely because of this
offers comprehensive service.

That’s great to hear, isn’t it? So I am thrilled. There my mouse day is also saved again!
Your Berti

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