Short life of electrical appliances?

Short life of electrical appliances?

Hello my dears,

Today I am quite outraged and upset! I just wanted to wash my little clothes and do a proper spring cleaning in my mouse house.  Let me tell you what happened there: The washing machine is not that old, about 2 years, and it does not work anymore! And if that were not annoying enough, I just found out that the warranty expired exactly one month ago !!!

And to be honest, I have not experienced that for the first time – no – the same happened with my mobile phone as well. Even my mice friends report such annoying experiences. What’s going on there? Irrespective of whether it is an iron, computer, vacuum cleaner or other device, it is often the case that a problem occurs shortly after the warranty expires.

Can it be that this “problem” already in the construction of the devices is planned?

You always hear and read a lot about these machinations. I think you have already had such an experience. Short life of electrical appliances?

Especially printers are an ideal example.

Therefore I feel sick when I think of the mountains garbage of electrical appliances, which are searched in Africa by children.

And now the good news: In contrast to many other products that are made in this way,

that they only work for a limited time, the Salzburg flour mills are very durable! For our grain mills there is a 12-year guarantee and even a 24-year guarantee on the grindstones. BUT: The life of the Salzburg flour mills is proven to be 35-40 years.

Just recently, we have received the following message from mill owners who have their mill already 35 years:

In fact, a great company that fabricates such long-lived “decades” products and thus does not propel the growth of the market through “new procurement needs”. And to extend the longevity of the mills over the current 40 years, a great, comprehensive service is on offer. I’m curious when the first mill will be 50 years old.

That’s great to hear, isn’ t?  I am excited! So there are still environmentally conscious manufacturers who are not just looking for profit.

Your thoughtful Berti

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