Wood butter, protection and care, 250 ml

He who loves his mill also cares for its wood

Wood is alive and is also subject to a great deal of stress in your mill.


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Wood butter for your grain mill

Your grain mill is an eye-catcher in your kitchen and should still be visually pleasing after many years.
For this we recommend the right care with Renuwell wood care from Switzerland.

Due to its natural nature, wood butter is ideal for all wooden objects that come into contact with food.

Wood is a living material and is often subject to great stress. Moisture, heat, dust, scratches, spilled liquids, grease splashes … a long-serving mill can often show its hard milling existence. If you want to enjoy your mill for decades, also visually, then we advise you not to skimp on the right care. After treatment with wood butter, the wood looks more alive again, liquids roll off.

Wood care removes minor damage and protects the wood for future exposure and drying out. In addition, dust is less likely to settle and the surface becomes more resistant to moisture.


The wood butter from our Swiss supplier Renuwell cares for every type of wood that comes into contact with food. No matter whether the wood is varnished, oiled, waxed, veneered or in its natural state.

Without perfume, without preservatives, without dye, without solvents, without paraffins, without petroleum products.

The wood butter protects, nourishes and cares for the wood and maintains its natural beauty. The wood colour is always preserved, untreated wood becomes smoother and slightly darker due to the vegetable oils. The wood remains breathable even after application.

Suitable for all types of wood

Raw, waxed, oiled or lacquered, you can apply Renuwell on any wood, just not on artificial wood. Therefore, you can also use it to care for children’s toys, cutting boards, cooking utensils, bowls, bread containers, etc., simply all objects made of wood.


Rub the surface with a cloth, leave for two to three hours. If necessary, polish the surface afterwards.

The wood butter can be stored at normal temperatures.

So pure and caring that wood butter can even be used as shoe polish for leather shoes, for nail care and as hand cream.

Contents: 250 ml.

Produced in Switzerland.

Weight 0,3 kg

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