The New Traditional Diet – by Heidi Beeck and Esma Storck

  • Traditional nutrition, ancient knowledge interpreted in a modern way – focus on intestinal and dental health
  • Over 140 instructions, recipes and inspirations
  • The 10 traditional superfoods
  • Bonus chapter: Teeth and child nutrition
  • Book size: 312 pages, over 170 photos


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The New Traditional Diet – by Heidi Beeck and Esma Storck

About the book

This book wants to tell you stories. Stories of sick teeth, destinies and the sense of purpose that Heidi and Esma recognized from them and reversed for inner healing. About two women who were allowed to understand the language of the teeth, discard all previous beliefs and find their way from one nutritional trend to another, to a new – old, traditional diet in the 21st century. The authors’ focus is on real food, food that truly nourishes our cells, strengthens the body and supports healing – to enjoy life vital, healthy and full of energy.

In a detailed knowledge section, you will learn the difference between low-quality, industrial and high-quality food. Simple instructions, the appropriate recipes and a detailed bonus chapter with a weekly plan and numerous tips help with the practical implementation.

The authors also want to encourage readers to take personal responsibility for their own health. Intestinal and dental health as well as baby and child nutrition are her personal heart topics. That’s what their recipes are geared towards.

Spine text

While the food industry is making us believe in health and well-being with mass-produced goods and cheap substitutes from the laboratory, more and more people are realizing that we are moving further and further away from what is natural, what is real. We don’t need convenience foods, meat substitutes, dairy substitutes, “gluten-free” and “sugar-free” to be healthy. We want to get back to real food, food that really nourishes us. And we want to remember a time when nutrition was medicine. To preserve traditional knowledge and to learn the sensual practical experience of doing it yourself – real culinary art – and to interpret it in a contemporary way, all this is what we call: The New Traditional Diet.” Esma & Heidi

What impact do processed foods have on our health? What are real foods and how do we really nourish our bodies?

Authors Heidi Beeck and Esma Storck address these and many other questions in their debut work, a comprehensive learning and cookbook, with a focus on holistic gut and dental health. They show the urgency of a diet that places a very special emphasis on quality, naturalness and wholesomeness, as well as on the “nose-to-tail” principle (whole animal use) and traditional processing methods. This book combines centuries-old food processing techniques with modern culinary and healthy enjoyment. Readers will learn all the basics of do-it-yourself cooking, from wholesome breads made with natural sourdough and probiotic dairy products to healing meat broths, ferments, and much more. At the heart of the book, Esma and Heidi reveal their “10 Traditional Superfoods,” which form the basis of their best instructions and everyday and family-friendly recipes.

About the authors

Esma Storck

As the mom of a 3-year-old boy, Esma set out to find the “perfect” diet many years ago and landed on an exclusively plant-based diet relatively quickly. However, when her fully breastfed baby was diagnosed with tooth decay at just 10 months old, Esma spent quite a few days and nights searching for the real reasons. But no doctor could give her a solution to this ever-growing phenomenon (enamel defects and caries in young children).

Except for the American dentist Dr. Weston A. Price, who considered most Western civilization diseases to be consequences of our modern lifestyle and diet. Esma knew one thing: if you can heal with nutrition, she will be able to do it. And so she decided to make a return to animal foods. This time, however, undogmatic, ethical, species-appropriate and with deepest gratitude. Just six months later, Esma was able to halt the incipient decay of her son’s milk teeth.

You can also gain insights into Esma’s wealth of experience on her Instagram profile “traditionelle_ernaehrung”.

Heidi Beeck

Through the constant pursuit of health and a slim line, Heidi did a lot of mischief with her body at a very young age and plunged into numerous self-experiments and omission diets.

At some point, she realized that it didn’t make sense to exclude entire food categories. Instead, she began to take a hard look at her diet and eventually found what made the difference: a natural, original diet – real food! The love for traditional cooking changed everything and fascination became passion.

Today, Heidi is aware of the power of traditional foods because her health successes speak to the fact that they are the key to strong teeth, healthy gut flora, energy and well-being.

Heidi also runs the Instagram channel “mineralgoodies” and provides numerous tips and inspirations for traditional nutrition there.

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