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Salzburg Grain Mill MT 5 Beech without plastics*

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Stone carrier made of stainless steel, grinding chamber made of wood

Available on backorder


Available on backorder

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Stone carrier made of stainless steel, grinding chamber made of wood

Naturally grind ……

only wood, stainless steel and stone for grain and flour!

More and more people are concerned with the topic of “plastics” and “plastics in connection with food”.

Thought is being given to

  • BPA,
  • Plasticizer,
  • Abrasion,
  • electrostatic charge,
  • Environmental impact

In response to many customer requests, we are now building a mill in which the flour and grain do not come into contact with any plastic.

Either because of a general rejection of plastics or because you are allergic to plastics:

Our MT 5 mill can be delivered almost completely plastic-free.

*Of course, power cables and switches and various parts in the lower housing of the mill (engine compartment) can not be dispensed with.

But the only important thing is: Where the flour is milled, there grain and flour meet only wood, stainless steel and granite.

Seals are made of rubber or felt, natural materials.

This is our contribution to sustainability and healthy nutrition!

Grinding according to old tradition

For over 35 years this mill has remained almost unchanged in its appearance – elegant, timelessly beautiful. This grain mill, called by many the queen of mills, is our masterpiece.

We preserve old values and try to build this flour mill as natural as possible:

We use grown, hard beech wood and real natural millstones, granite, as the heart of the mill.
We have always been enthusiastic about technical improvements – but we have remained “unfashionable” when it comes to modernising materials.

As far as technically justifiable, we do notuse any plastics where grain or flour comes into contact with them.
Neither with the stainless steel ring, which is decisive for the design of the flour mill, nor with the metal of the outlet pipes (inside completely lined with wood), the ground flour comes into contact.
The grinding chamber made of solid, hard beech wood is the logical consequence for us!

Unlike most plastics, wood is known to be antistatic and antibacterial.

Grinding with granite: Since the beginning of time, people have ground grain with natural stones.
Granite is proven durable, hard and self-sharpening.
Granite is natural-pure – without any binding agent. Therefore, breaking out of stone particles (by grinding foreign bodies in the flour) is almost impossible and has not been known to us in over 35 years.
A granite grinding stone can thus protect your teeth.
The LEBENS grain is milled as naturally as possible with the BIO granite stone.
Baking with a natural stone flour is a real experience! Crispy breads, fragrant cakes and pastries reward the miller for his work.

Healthy cereal for breakfast? In seconds, the grain mill grinds grain and thus provides another valuable contribution to your healthy diet.

The coarse fine adjustment is fascinatingly easy to operate with one hand!salzburger-grain-grinder-mt5-book-turn-knob

From FINE to COARSE or from COARSE to FINE can also be easily set during grinding.
In accordance with our philosophy, we do not use a commonly available thread made of plastic.

By lifting and lowering the lower millstone (a lifting and lowering system similar to the vehicle clutch) you change the distance between the millstones and thus the degree of fineness of the flour.

The 360 Watt industrial motor of the österr. Manufacturer’s ATB is amply sized and completely maintenance free. The motors are long-lasting, protected against overload and precisely matched to the sizes

The size of the millstones is adjusted to the

The mill does not require any special maintenance. For occasional cleaning, the mill can be opened in seconds with one hand, without tools, with a small turning movement.

There are things between heaven and earth,

that can’t be explained and yet exist. It is the same with the flour of the natural stone.
How could we explain baking behavior in a highly scientific way? Hardly possible! But you can believe us that old, experienced bakers have tasted this flour with the subsequent statement, in good Austrian:

That’s just a Mö! (in high German: That’s just another flour!)

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