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Salzburger Grain Mill
MT 5 beech
with stainless steel thread
without plastic


Delivery time approx. 4 weeks

Not available in USA and Canada


Original Salzburg Flour Mill MT 5 with stainless steel thread


Built like in the 1970s.

Introducing our new Salzburg Grain Mill MT5 with stainless steel thread, the design is, nevertheless, exactly equal to the one of 40 years ago. We are taking it up again as there is no better alternative until today, as far as the chosen materials and functional systems are concerned.

Experience has shown and proven it!

Mills built 20, 30 and even 40 years ago are perfectly doing their job until nowadays.

Any attempt to make compromises in order to reduce the price,  turned out to be wrong.

Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel thread, combined with the large grinding chamber made of solid beech wood, it is also possible to grind larger and harder grains.

Today, more and more people, especially suffering of allergies, wish to  choose among various grinding options.

Only this high-quality and expensive adjustment system makes the crucial difference as to the original Salzburg MT 5 flour mill.

The MT 5 Mill, on the market for the past 20 years, is the perfect choice when you wish to grind the most common cereal grain types in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, as they are a little softer, especially wheat, rye, spelt, barley, oat, etc.

Please see The way we construct our mills for all the information on the mill-stones, motor, materials etc.


Technical Data:
Milling capacity fine (wheat): appr. 90-100/g min.
Milling capacity coarse: a great deal more
Weight: 8,5 kg
Funnel capacity: ca. 800 g
Standing space: 190 mm
Height: 400 mm
Space for collector: 15,5 cm
Fine- coarse control: infinitely variable
Mill-stone: granite
Mill-stone diameter: 90 mm
Positioning of milling-
Milling chamber: hard beech wood
Outer surface of housing: biological beeswax
Industrial motor: 360 Watt/230 A Voltage
Revolutions when milling: 1200 rpm
For the mill:12 year warranty
In addition, whenever necessary, the mill stones will be re-ground free of charge
For the mill stones: – 24 year warranty
The granite mill stones will be replaced free of charge should any damage to the same be caused by breakage or break out and so influencing the resulting flour output.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
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