Stone carrier made of stainless steel, grinding chamber made of wood

Salzburger Getreidemuehle MT 5 Buche ohne Kunststoffe Mahlstein

Naturally grind ……

Only wood, stainless steel and stone for grain and flour!

More and more people are concerned with the topic of “plastics” and “plastics in connection with food”.

Thought is being given to

  • BPA,
  • Plasticizer,
  • Abrasion,
  • Electrostatic charging
  • Environmental impact

In response to many customer requests, we are now building a mill in which the flour and grain do not come into contact with any plastic.

Either because of a general rejection of plastics or because you are allergic to plastics:

Our MT 5 mill can be delivered almost completely plastic-free.

*It is clear, that such parts as power cables, switches and various parts in the lower housing of the mill (motor compartment) cannot be dispensed with.

But the only important thing is: Where the flour is milled, there grain and flour meet only wood, stainless steel and granite.

Seals are made of rubber or felt, natural materials.

That is our contribution to sustainability and healthy eating!

Salzburger Grain Mill MT 5 without plastics – milling according to old tradition

For over 40 years this mill has remained almost unchanged in its appearance – elegant, timelessly beautiful. This grain mill, which is referred to by many as the Queen of Mills, is our masterpiece.

We preserve old values

and strive to build our grain mills as naturally as possible.

We have always been enthusiastic about technical improvements. We have remained “oldfashioned” concerning the modernization of materials.

Milling with natural granite stones:

Since the beginning of time, people have ground grain with natural stones. Granite is proven durable, hard and self-sharpening. We consciously prove this by the guarantee we give.

Granite is natural-pure – without any binding agent.

Foreign objects, such as pebbles that may be in your grain, are easily ground up by the granite stones. We are not aware of any stone particles breaking out and then getting into your flour.

Granite mill stones can protect your teeth.

The Cereals are milled as naturally as possible with organic granite stones.

Baking with a natural stone flour is a real experience! Crispy breads, fragrant cakes and pastries reward the miller for his work.

Healthy muesli for breakfast?

Home-ground grain provides the valuable basis for a nutrient-rich breakfast .

Grinding chamber made of domestic, solid and untreated woodThe milling chamber

is always made of solid beech wood because beech wood best meets the high requirements

In the milling chamber, the grain rubs against the side walls. That is why we do not use plastics in this part of the mill (except for the stone carriers).

We deliberately give preference to beech wood, because for decades this wood has proven to be the best for this purpose in terms of

  • Elasticity,
  • Abrasion
  • and durability

has proven itself.

Unlike plastics, wood has an antistatic and antibacterial effect.

The coarse fine adjustment

is fascinatingly easy to operate with one hand!

From FINE to COARSE or from COARSE to FINE can also be easily set during grinding by the rotary knob.

Unlike a thread, by raising and lowering the lower millstone.

This lifting and lowering system, similar to the vehicle clutch, changes the distance between the grinding stones and thus the degree of fineness of the flour.

The grinding stones lie exactly parallel and flat on top of each other for decades and deliver the finest flour.
The technically intelligent system has meanwhile proven itself over decades.

According to our philosophy we do not use a common thread made of plastic.

The 360 Watt industrial motor

Is manufactured in Europe (not in China). It is amply dimensioned and completely maintenance-free. The motors are durable, protected against overload. They are precisely matched to the size of the grinding stones.


Die Mühle benötigt keine besondere Wartung.

Zur gelegentlichen Reinigung kann die Mühle ohne Werkzeug geöffnet werden.  Der elegante Bajonettverschluss wird sekundenschnell mit einer kleinen Drehbewegung geöffnet.


Backen mit einem Naturstein-Mehl ist ein echtes Erlebnis! Knusprige Brote, duftende Kuchen und Feinbäckereien belohnen den Müller für seine Arbeit.

Es gibt Dinge zwischen Himmel und Erde,

die man nicht erklären kann und die es dennoch gibt. So ist es auch mit dem Mehl des Natursteines.
Wie könnten wir das Backverhalten hochwissenschaftlich erklären? Kaum möglich! Doch Sie können uns glauben, dass alte, erfahrene Bäcker dieses Mehl gekostet haben mit der anschließenden Aussage, auf gut österreichisch:

Des is hoid no a Mö! (auf Hochdeutsch: Das ist halt noch ein Mehl!)

Technical data of the grain mill MT 5 without plastics

Milling capacity fine (wheat):: 90 – 100g per minute
Milling capacity coarse:: a multiple
Height: 40 cm
Stand space Ø: 19 cm
Hopper capacity: approx. 800 g
Weight: 8,5 kg
Space for collector: 15.5 cm
Coarse-fine control: stepless
Mill-stone: Granite natural stone
Mill-stone: diameter: 9 cm
Positioning of milling- mechanism: flexible
Mill housing: solid nut wood
Milling chamber: solid beech wood
Outer surface of housing:treated with organic beeswax oil
Industrial motor: 360 Watt /230 Volt
Revolutions when milling: 1200 rpm

Warranty for the mill: 12 years! In addition, if necessary, the stones are reground free of charge.
Warranty for the Mill stones: 24 years! The granite stones are replaced free of charge if the grinding performance is impaired due to breakage or chipping.

Which types of grain can you grind with which grain mill?

MÜHLENBERATUNG – Welche Getreidemühle ist für mich richtig

What our customers say

S. Schatz - 28/11/2020
S. Schatz – 28/11/2020Beech family mill MT5 Weiterlesen
I am very satisfied with the mill. Not only the product is first class, but also the service was exemplary: milling rice (due to celiac disease), a lightning fast shipping and very friendly customer service! The warranty (25 years on the millstone) convinced me too from the beginnig. I can only recommend this mill to everybody!
URKORN AUSTRIA (Felix Münster) - 17/11/2020
URKORN AUSTRIA (Felix Münster) – 17/11/2020For the highest demands! Weiterlesen
As experts for original cereals, we at the URKORN AUSTRIA – company attach particular importance to natural, original and the gentlest possible processing in our products.
Furthermore, we believe that this form of appreciation should not only apply to people and products, but that a sustainable approach to our environment also plays an important role.
In our high standards we see a common ground with the Salzburg grain mills. Which is why we unreservedly recommend you as a household mill to our customers who value a holistic value chain.
It is not only the efficient, economical, environmentally friendly electric motors, the high-quality real wood housing, but also the gentle grinding on real natural stone for optimum nutrient preservation, which makes us so enthusiastic.
Therefore full 5 stars * * * * *
Angela Teufer-Egli - 28/10/2020
Angela Teufer-Egli – 28/10/2020Salzburger Grain Mill MT5 – Beech Weiterlesen
I ordered two devices by e-mail from Agrisan in Hallein: a Salzburger grain mill MT5 and a Salzburger flake master. Our order was complicated: Agrisan had to send us the devices after a short notice to a hotel in Austria, where we were staying for only four days. We needed two invoices for each device, one for us and one to stamp at customs for VAT reclaim. Everything went smoothly. I was able to pay via PayPal and the VAT was promptly refunded to us via PayPal. Apparently it is not only about first-class devices, also the whole handling of the team. The customer service and assistance were excellent. My husband and I are very pleased.

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