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Salzburger Grain Mill
MT 12 – beech
containing no plastics*


Delivery time approx. 4 weeks


THE Original Salzburger Grainmill MT 12
with natural stone

You suffer from allergies to certain materials?


Nowadays many people reject appliances whose plastic parts come into contact with foodstuffs, or such which due to abrasion can release plastic particles into the food being processed.

The reason for this is either that people reject the use of plastic in general or that they are allergic to plastic materials.

They have to consider:

  • BPA,
  • Plasticizers
  • Abrasion
  • Electrostatic charging
  • Environmental impact

Following increased customer demand, we are now producing grain mills, in which there is absolutely no contact between plastic materials and the grain and flour processed.

Our mills MT5, MAX, MT 12 and MT 18 can be delivered almost completely plastic-free.

*It is clear, that such parts as power cables, switches and various parts in the lower housing of the mill (motor compartment) cannot be dispensed with.

The only essential fact is that where the flour is processed, the grain and the flour only come into contact with wood, stainless steel and granite

The seals applied are made from rubber or felt, both fully natural materials

That is our contribution to sustainability and healthy eating!

If our MT 5 mill does not meet your families requirements then you should choose our MT 12 with its 550 Watt special industrial motor. Although speed is not a question when milling with a natural stone mill, this mill is ideal for larger families with higher flour consumption.
As with all the mills in our MT series, this mill is constructed according to our principles of natural construction methods.

In no time at all the mill will supply families with the amount of flour (spelt, wheat, rye, oat) required and with its powerful 550 Watt industrial motor and is perfect if you are also planning to mill larger quantities of large grain kernels such as corn, soy beans etc.
You also can produce grits with the MT 12, so that your breakfast Müsli is easily ready for you in no time.

The mill housing which is exposed to warmth from the motor, is manufactured from thin beech wood layers which are alternatively layered together and using an extremely complex process are then glued together to form ply-wood. This process results in resistance to the high variations in temperature to which the housing is exposed during the milling process, to the cooling-off stage and also to its round design.
It is our intention not to subject any of the inner wooden parts to any kind of varnish or solvents so that the wood can maintain its natural way of breathing and absorption. Only the outer surfaces are protected with biological beeswax.
The milling chamber is defined by 2 main components:dsc07513

  • The steel chamber (steel thread) gives the mill stability and durability. The traditional, long-proven steel thread, highly estimated by technicians, guarantees an accurate working of the mill-stone (the mill-stones lie on an exact plane). Each and every degree of refinement can be precisely adjusted in millimetre steps.

Conduction of motor warmth is a special characteristic of this design: Steel is well-known as an excellent heat conductor. The steel thread takes up the heat from the motor and transfers it directly to the outside. This results in no heat build-up within the milling chamber.

  • The wooden inner chamber ensures that the flour retains its valuable content. Apart from the mill-stone and the stone carriers, the freshly milled flour only comes into contact with hard, untreated beech wood.

The funnel and the inner milling chamber are made from solid, massive beech wood. The outer surface is treated with biological beeswax and carefully polished.
The logical consequence is that the inside of the flour ejector is also carefully lined with wood.

The naturally formed granite selected by us is a completely naturally formed product, free from additives, nature pure. The natural granite millstones are self-sharpening, extremelyhard with its 105 mm diameter. The geometry of the milling mechanism has been designed according to the latest findings, the stones are flexibly positioned for better protection against damage to the grinding mechanism caused by foreign particles in the grain.

Together with the large mill-stone the powerful, special industrial motor guarantees quick and gentle milling.

  • No wear on parts, therefore maintenance-free.
  • Thick coiling with the best possible isolation make the motor especially robust and durable.
  • Generous design of the ball bearings (balance out the extreme forces arising during the milling process).
  • Quiet operation
  • Good heat conduction via the ventilation slits in the housing.
  • The integrated coil protectors prevent expensive damage caused by over-heating.

The granite mill-stone as used by our company results in the finest possible, fluffy flour with all its convincing baking characteristics.

Keep your eyes open when buying a mill! Have a good thorough look not only with regard to the optics of the mill, but consider also its inner values.
Please see The way we construct our mills for all the information on the mill-stones, motor, materials etc.

Technical Data:
Milling capacity fine (wheat): appr. 200g/ min.
Milling capacity coarse: a great deal more
Weight: 12,5 kg
Funnel capacity: appr. 1.400 g
Standing space Ø: 210 mm
Height: 430 mm
Space for collector: 175 mm
Fine- coarse control: infinitely variable
Mill-stone: granite
Mill-stone diameter: 105 mm
Positioning of milling-
Milling chamber: beech wood
Outer surface of housing: biological beeswax
Industrial motor: 550 Watt/230 A Voltage
Revolutions when milling: 1250 U/min
For the mill:12 year warranty
In addition, whenever necessary, the mill stones will be re-ground free of charge
For the mill stones: – 24 year warranty
The granite mill stones will be replaced free of charge should any damage to the same be caused by breakage or break out and so influencing the resulting flour output.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg


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MT 12 – beech
containing no plastics*”

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