MAX… The popular, proven and powerful family grain mill now also “without plastics”!

The low-priced alternative to the Original Salzburger Grain Mill MT 5!

Since about 35 years, we offer under the name “Agrisan AM 1” and subsequently “MAX”, these mills with less expensive corundum-ceramic grinding stones.

Now we have decided to equip the MAX model with our popular and proven natural stone granite.

MAX stands for maximum development in terms of technology and design – a development over decades that is now being used for the first time with natural stone.

MAX grinds all conventional gra ins such as wheat, rye, spelt, but is also an expert when it comes to cracking hard grains such as corn, rice, soybeans, kamut, etc.

Note for allergy sufferers: However, if you want to switch to a gluten-free diet, for example, and are looking for a mill especially for hard grains, whether large or small, then MAX SPEZIAL is right for you. The difference between MT 5 and MAX: Is mainly in the design!

  • Max appeals to lovers of modern, smooth lines – with the same high quality wood – for those who prefer it angular.
  • MT 5 is the round classic in a considerably higher price version due to its round design and stainless steel parts.
Opening and closing of the grinding chamber:
  • This is opened at MAX with the aid of a Phillips screwdriver.
  • MT 5 can be opened without tools by turning the bayonet lock
Completely the same is with MAX and MT 5:
  • The coarse-fine adjustment: The coarse-fine adjustment is operated with one hand using the wooden wheel on the side and causes the lower millstone to be raised and lowered.
  • Size and finish of the granite stones 9 cm
  • 12 years warranty on the mill
  • 24 years guarantee on the grinding stones – against breakage and breaking off of stone particles

Start the day full of energy with a healthy, fresh breakfast cereal for you and your family! Grinding cereal grains for a healthy breakfast cere al is done by MAX in no time at all, even in larger quantities! MAX, the efficient family mill, thus also saves the purchase of a grain flaker.

The solid wood case: solid beech through and through, will delight any nature lover. The organic beeswax brings out the character of the wood to its best advantage.

The milling chamber: To ensure that your grain and flour are milled as naturally as possible, we dispense with plastics as far as possible and manufacture the milling chamber from untreated beech wood. We attach great importance to the manufacture of the grinding chamber and only use hard beech wood for this.

In contrast to plastics, wood has an antistatic and antibacterial effect.

The granite millstone, which is derived from nature, is self-sharpening, hard and durable – here your grain literally bites on granite.

The geometry of the grinder is manufactured according to our latest findings – the stones are elastically mounted for better protection against damage to the grinder caused by foreign bodies in the grain.

The optimal coordination of millstone diameter and motor speed combined with the new heat and energy-optimized grinder geometry ensure gentle grinding of the grain and help to save energy and thus money!

Steplessly adjust each degree of fineness with one hand is child’s play with the MAX grain mill. The degree of fineness can also be changed during grinding.

Let your little ones play miller.

MAX is robust and child-friendly! But beware – only under supervision! With MAX the pot is quickly full!

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Technical Data Grain Mill MAX Beech without plastics*

Grinding capacity fine (wheat): approx. 90/g min.
Grinding capacity coarse: a multiple
Weight: 8 kg
Hopper capacity: approx. 900 g
Footprint: 15.6 x 15.6 cm
Height: 35 cm
Footprint: 12 cm
Coarse-fine control: stepless
Grinding stone: Granite
Grinding stone diameter: 90 mm
Positioning of milling- mechanism: flexible
Grinding chamber: solid, domestic beech wood
Outer surface of housing:treated with organic beeswax oil
Industrial motor: 360 Watt/230 Volt
Revolutions when milling: 1200 rpm

Warranty for the mill:
12 years! In addition, if necessary, the stones are reground free of charge.

Warranty for the grinding stones:
24 years! The granite stones will be replaced free of charge if the grinding performance is impaired due to breakage or chipping.

Which types of grain can you grind with MAX Buche without plastics?

Wheat ••••
Spelt ••••
Rye ••••
Littlespelt ••••
Buckwheat ••••
Millet ••••
Brown Millet ••••
Rice •••
Kamut* X
Corn X
Soy – •
Quinoa ••
Lenses ••
Amaranth ••
Chickpeas X
Peas ••
Sesame X

•••• very good
— good
•• in small quantities up to approx. 250 g
• not recommended

X You are damaging the mill

What you can’t grind:

In general, seeds containing oil cannot be ground, such as:

  • Flaxseed
  • Mustard seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Poppy
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Nuts
  • Almonds

Due to the consistency, you can not grind:

  • Salt
  • sugar
  • Tea
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Buds
  • Grasses
  • Sprouts
  • small woods
  • dried small fruits and berries
  • Chestnuts
  • various cores

It is not recommended to grind coffee. Colour and smell penetrate the grinding stone, cleaning is very difficult. If only coffee is to be ground, please contact us If you only want to grind coffee, please contact us

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