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Salzburger Grain Mill MAX SPEZIAL Oak without plastics

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Available on backorder

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MAX SPEZIAL – the specialist for a gluten-free diet

Ideal for allergy sufferers
For grinding gluten-free grains

People with celiac disease have particularly high demands on their grinders.
The MAX mill is designed precisely for this purpose and is ideally suited for grinding…

Marcella was ground finer than semolina

…. Big and hard grains like:

  • Corn,
  • Chickpeas
  • Soy and other beans up to a diameter of approx. 9 mm .

….. small and hard grains like:

  • Rice,
  • Buckwheat, amaranth, kamut etc.
  • and many other hard, small grains up to the size of quinoa.

Grinding gluten-free grains is often a major concern today . Many household mills do not meet the requirements or only meet them to a limited extent.

We have met the high demands and developed a mill that can now help you to grind flour from many gluten-free grains yourself at home.

Our concept:

Rice grinds MAX SPEZIAL very fast and very fine

The predecessor of today’s MAX mill was first built more than 35 years ago. Technology and design have been improved and innovations made several times over the course of this long period of time.

In 2016 we have the proven concept, especially for targeted use
adopted for grinding hard and large grains.

The mill has been subjected to severe tests.

What is important?

On the engine who must have enough strength.
On the grinding chamber,
which is subject to enormous stress (abrasion on the side walls).
On the stones
which have to be specially processed so that they can transport the large grains from the funnel outlet to the grinding surface.
On the lock of the grinding chamber, which must be particularly robust and resistant.

Grinding capacity: Up to 1 – 2 kg of flour can be ground with this mill without any problems. The exact amount that is possible in one grinding process depends on the hardness of the grain and its oil content, but also, above all, on how finely you grind.

The solid wood case, made of solid oak through and through, will delight any nature lover. The organic beeswax brings out the character of the wood to its best advantage.

We attach particular importance to the manufacture of the grinding chamber and use only hard oak wood for it.

In contrast to plastics, wood has an antistatic and antibacterial effect.

The granite millstone obtained from nature is self-sharpening, hard and durable – this is where your grain literally bites granite!

The geometry of the grinder is manufactured according to our latest findings – the stones are elastically mounted for better protection against damage to the grinder caused by foreign bodies in the grain. The stones are given a special cut for grinding the large and hard grains.

The optimal coordination of millstone diameter and motor speed combined with the new heat and energy-optimized grinder geometry ensure gentle grinding of the grain and help to save energy and thus money!

Steplessly adjust each degree of fineness with one hand is child’s play with the MAX grain mill. The degree of fineness can also be changed during grinding.

The Austrian industrial engine with 360 watts is compact and generously dimensioned, maintenance-free and not prone to failure.

The integrated winding protection protects against costly damage caused by overheating.

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