Salzburg grain mill with natural stone MT 12
The mill for connoisseurs – with stainless steel thread

dsc07513With a grinding capacity of 170 g of fine flour, this grain mill is the right choice when a large family needs to be supplied with a lot of flour in a short time.

Great importance is attached to natural materials in the construction of a Salzburg flour mill.

The housing and the funnel of the shapely mill are made of walnut and protected on the outside with organic beeswax oil.

Thegrinding chamber is defined by 2 main components:the stainless steel chamber and the wooden inner chamber.

The stainless steel chamber ( the stainless steel thread) gives the grain mill strength and durability. Over 35 years, a robust thread made of steel has proven its worth. and is held in high esteem by mill experts and technicians alike. Since 2015, this thread is made of high quality stainless steel.
Due to the almost wear-resistant material, an exact grinding stone guidance (grinding stones always lie flat) is guaranteed. Always precise, every degree of fineness can be set millimetre by millimetre.

A special feature of this design is the dissipation of the engine heat: steel is known to be an excellent heat conductor. The stainless steel thread absorbs motor heat and conducts it directly to the outside – thus no heat build-up can occur inside the grinding chamber.

The inner milling chamber is made of untreated walnut wood.
It ensures that the flour retains its valuable ingredients unchanged and that the freshly ground flour only comes into contact with hard, untreated walnut wood, apart from the millstone and the stone carrier.
Wood is known to have an antistatic and antibacterial effect.
As a logical consequence, the flour spout, made of stainless steel on the outside, is also carefully clad with wood on the inside.

The heart of the grain mill is the granite millstone quarried in nature.
Granite is natural-pure
, without any binder, proven durable, hard and self-sharpening.
It is almost impossible for stone particles to break off when the mill is used for its intended purpose. Small stones that might be in the grain are simply ground up, protecting your teeth.

Especially when the production of finest flour for the most difficult baked goods is required, this millstone convinces with the finest, baking-friendly flour.

Healthy muesli is the best start to the day! The powerful mill delivers fresh, wholesome grist from the desired grains in the shortest possible time.

The strong 550 Watt special industrial motor of the Austrian manufacturer ATB is completely maintenance-free.
Thick winding wires with the best possible insulation make the motor particularly robust and durable.
The integrated winding protection protects against costly damage caused by overheating.

All conventional cereals can be milled, but also the hard grains such as rice, corn, soybeans, chickpeas, etc. are processed perfectly.

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