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Salzburg Grain MillMT 5 – Nut


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Salzburger Getreidemühle MT 5 – Nuss

……. mahlen nach alter Tradition

Seit über 35 Jahren ist diese Mühle beinahe unverändert in ihrem Erscheinungsbild – elegant, zeitlos schön. Diese Getreidemühle, die von vielen als die Königin der Mühlen  bezeichnet wird, ist unser Meisterstück.

Salzburger Getreidemühle MT 5 – Nut

……. grinding according to old tradition

For more than 35 years, this mill has been almost unchanged in its appearance – elegant, timelessly beautiful. This grain mill, which is referred to by many as the Queen of Mills, is our masterpiece.

We preserve old values and strive to build this grain mill as naturally as possible:
Made of hard walnut and with real natural granite bricks, as the heart of the mill.
We have always made technical improvements with enthusiasm – but we have remained “unmodern” in the modernization of the materials.

To the extent technically justifiable, we do not use plastics where grain or flour could come into contact with them.
The ground flour does not come into contact with the stainless steel ring that is decisive for the design of the grain mill or with the metal of the outlet pipe (completely lined with wood inside).

The grinding chamber is made of solid, hard beech wood (not visible on the outside), as this wood is more suitable for this purpose.
Unlike most plastics, wood is known to be antistatic and antibacterial.

Grinding with granite: salzburger-getreidemuehle-mt5-nuss-mahlstein Since the beginning, people have ground grain with natural stones. Granite is proven durable, hard and self-sharpening.
Granite is pure nature without any binder. Therefore, it is almost impossible to break out of stone particles by grinding foreign bodies in the flour and has not become known to us in over 35 years. A granite grind stone can thus protect your teeth.
The LIFE medium cereal is ground with the organic granite stone as naturally as possible.
Baking with a natural stone flour is a real experience! Crispy breads, fragrant cakes and fine bakeries reward the miller for his work.

Healthy muesli for breakfast? In a matter of seconds, the grain mill scrapes grain, providing another valuable contribution to your healthy diet.

The coarse fine adjustment is fascinatingly easy to use with one hand!bread and roll

From FEIN to GROB or from GROB to Fine can also be easily placed during grinding.
According to our philosophy, we do not use plastic threads. By lifting and lowering the lower grinding stone (by means of a lifting and lowering system similar to the vehicle coupling), you change the distance of the grinding stones and thus the degree of fineness of the flour.

The 360 watt industrial motor of the Austrian Manufacturer ATB is amply dimized and completely maintenance-free. The motors are durable, protected against overload and precisely matched to the size of the grinding stones.

The mill does not require any special maintenance. For occasional cleaning, the mill is opened with one hand in seconds, without tools with a small rotational movement.

There are things between heaven and earth,

which cannot be explained and which still exists. This is also the case with the flour of natural stone.
How could we explain baking behaviour in a highly scientific way? Hardly possible! But you can believe us that old, experienced bakers have tasted this flour with the following. Statement, in good Austrian:

Des is hoid no a Mö! (in High German: That’s just another flour!)

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