Grain Mill Carina Oak

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Carina – the fine mill that tempts you to grind and bake yourself.

The Carina mill is right for you,

  • if you need freshly ground flour for one or two loaves of bread, for a cake, for spaetzle or pancakes, etc.
    That’s exactly how it is: No large supply of flour in the cupboard, but quickly ground in the desired amount, fresh, with all the vitamins at hand!
  • For the “handful” of flour that you always need in healthy cooking.

As the name suggests, Carina is a real gem in the kitchen. Thanks to the simple, clear, round design, Carina can fit into even the smallest kitchen.

But you will be even more pleased with the baking results:

  • Spicy smelling breads,
  • delicious cakes and fragrant pastries will inspire you.
  • The use of fresh flour also improves many other dishes, sauces and soups noticeably.

Even difficult recipes succeed with the fine, flaky flour of natural stone. It is therefore not important to us whether the mill grinds 70 or 110 g of flour per minute – because speed is not a quality feature for ours Natural stone flour mills . Good things come to those who wait!


Carina is definitely the mill for the finest flour, with which even difficult recipes can be made – you could almost say: Carina is the fine flour specialist!

For your healthy breakfast muesli, Carina conjures up fresh, healthy grain meal in no time at all, thus saving you having to buy one Flake crusher .

The coarse-fine adjustment is very easy to use with one hand. With the adjusting wheel you can select any desired flour fineness from the finest flour to coarse grist. The fineness can also be changed during grinding. The adjustment system we use without thread (by raising and lowering the lower grinding stone) has proven itself over decades and is an important prerequisite for maintaining the finest flour even after 20 or 30 years.

The exterior of thehousing made of local oak wood is treated exclusively with high-quality organic beeswax oil.

The funnel with a capacity of 600 grams is fully sufficient for most recipes and is made of hard oak wood.

In the grinding chamber rubs the grain on the side walls and that is why we do not use plastics in this part of the mill (with the exception of stone supports). We deliberately give preference to wood, because in contrast to plastics, wood has an antistatic and antibacterial effect.

Here you bite grain on granite! The GRANIT grinding stone, which we have carefully selected and obtained from nature, is free of additives: Pure nature, durable and self-sharpening. Each pair of stones is unique!
Granite millstones can grind any stones that may be in the grain and thus protect your teeth. We have not yet heard of any breaking out of stone particles from granite grinding stones in household mills.

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Without exception, a sample is ground several times with each mill and only leaves the mill as one when the flour fineness meets our strict company standards SALZBURG GRAIN MILL our factory.

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Technical data grain mill Carina

Grinding capacity “fine”: approx. 90 g/min.
Grinding capacity “coarse”: one multiple
Base diameter: approx. 150 mm
Height: 340 mm
Hopper capacity: approx. 600 g
Weight: 6,5 kg
Support height: 140 mm
Coarse-fine control: stepless
Mill-stone: Granite natural stone
Grinding stone diameter: 75 mm
Positioning of milling- mechanism: flexible
Millchamber: domestic, solid oak wood
Outer surface of housing:treated with organic beeswax oil
Industriemotor: 300 Watt/230 Volt/ 50 Hz
Speed during grinding: 1300 rpm
Warranty for the mill: 12 years! In addition, if necessary, the stones are reground free of charge.
Warranty for the Mill stones: 24 years! The granite stones are replaced free of charge if the grinding performance is impaired due to breakage or chipping.
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What types of grain can you grind with Carina?

Weight 7.14 kg
Mahlbare Mehlmenge in einem Durchgang

1000g (bread fine)


Ø 7 cm

Mahlt harte und große Körner



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