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Salzburg Grain Mill Amadea - Maple

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If there is an improvement to the MT 5 grain mill, then we have succeeded with the latest AMADEA model.

The name alone indicates our commitment to tradition. Also our love for our homeland, nature, culture and crafts.

Available on backorder


Available on backorder

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If there is an improvement to the MT 5 grain mill, then we have succeeded with the latest AMADEA model.

The name alone indicates our commitment to tradition. Also our love for our homeland, nature, culture and crafts.

The light, neutral maple wood matches the colour of almost every kitchen.

We worked on the design of the mill for over a year. Many thoughts, ideas and suggestions from our employees but also the work of trained designers were finally implemented in the appearance.

But Amadea is more than just elegant, timelessly beautiful.

We have implemented the best of our experience in mill construction, accumulated over decades. It was almost a must not to compromise.

As with almost everything, the inner values of a mill are important.

The grinding chamber and the millstone are the most important and sensitive parts of a mill.

The grain rubs against the walls of the milling chamber with great force and debris can get into your flour. Therefore, only hard, untreated wood comes into question for us (except for stone carriers and millstones) – we deliberately avoid plastics as far as possible and technically justifiable.

When you ask yourself the questions: Where is the best place to store bread? Where does mold develop the least or the fastest? What is your favorite way to slice bread or other foods?

Then the answer is mostly, from health-conscious people always: WOOD.

We are convinced that for natural products a natural environment and therefore wood is still the best.

Salzburg is known for Mozart and music; Salzburg mills for their natural granite stones.

These are mined in nature, in mountains, and processed by hand.

Self-sharpening is caused by friction of the stones. The abrasion that results from this process gets into your flour in minimal doses. Natural stones are natural and do not require any additional chemical binders or other synthetic additives.

Here you bite on granite is not only a proverb!

Granite is composed in such a way that the grinding stones will effortlessly grind small stones that might be hidden in the grain. This is how natural stones also protect your teeth. We are not aware of any breakage of stone particles or breakage of natural stones in relation to our mills (when used for the appropriate purpose).

What else is special about Amadea: The stainless steel thread as a coarse-fine adjustment.

To grind the finest flour even decades from now, that is the task Amadea gladly and with conviction takes on.

The thread of the MT 12 and MT 18 mills have now been in use for almost 4 decades and after this long time they still allow the grinding of finest flour. That is quality that has paid off.

But another small advantage should be mentioned: Sometimes it is necessary to correct the fineness of mills after a certain grinding performance, because various components are subject to a slight change. The stainless steel thread of this mill easily withstands any unwanted changes during the grinding process. Equally fine flour,from the first gram to the last, is delivered.

The coarse-fine adjustment, is effected by turning the funnel. Turned in one direction you always get finer flour, turned in the other direction you get coarser flour. Down to such coarsely ground flour that you can use it as grist for your healthy breakfast cereal. The purchase of a grain crusher (flaker) is therefore not necessary.

With us, the Austrian mill manufacturer ATB has gained experience in the construction of the motors. Because we have been working with this renowned company for decades now. We reject imports from China via various routes into the EU. Not only the wattage is decisive for a motor, but winding, laminations etc. play a big role.

Of all the repairs on mills (between 30 and 40 years old) that we do now, only one mill in a hundred fails due to engine failure.

Grinding of gluten-free grains: Thanks to the almost indestructible adjustment system, you can also grind large and hard grains without any problems.

Grinding corn, kamut, chickpeas is often an almost impossible task for small mills. However, Amadea can also prove its strength, robustness and stability in this case.

Amadea – another piece of craftsmanship from Salzburg

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