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Salzburg industrial mill MT 18

Salzburg industrial mill MT 18 in a school in SomaliaWood – stainless steel – natural stone and a motor with 900 wattsthese are the main features of this mill.

Ideal for

  • Restaurants,
  • Canteens,
  • Schools,
  • Farm-to-table shops,
  • Health food stores,
  • for small bakeries etc.

The concept is logical and simple: Only quality stands the test!
The MT 18 mill can prove this through decades of use in the trade. It is ideal for the quick need for a few kilos of flour

What matters:
On the motor, the grindstone and the coarse-fine adjustment.

The 900 watt motor: A specially built industrial motor ensures the long operating time (hours of continuous use).
Of course, the motor is maintenance-free and equipped with overload protection.
The powerful industrial motor, in combination with the large grinding stones, guarantees fast and gentle grinding at only 850 revolutions per minute.
That is quality for us.

The coarse-fine adjustment – a thread made of stainless steel
Where else can you find such a precise and high-quality adjustment?
(As far as we are informed, most grain mills are made with an adjustment made of plastic)
The correct position of the stones (parallel to each other) is the basic requirement for grinding fine flour for decades.
By turning the hopper, the fineness of the flour adjustment is infinitely variable.
Only stainless steel can meet our demand for durability.

The natural stone – granite
is the specialist for the finest flour and best baking properties.
For grinding powdery, airy flour – that’s what the Salzburg mills are known for.
Baking professionals all over the world confirm again and again the convincing quality of the flour and its baking properties. Even the finest baking recipes for cakes and pies succeed!

Since the beginning of our activity we are not aware of any case of breakage or fracture of a granite stone. Due to the extremely low abrasion of the stones, there is also no “stone grit” in the flour. Depending on the stress on the stones, experience has shown that they need to be reworked after approx. 20 years.

The grinding stones are elastically mounted. In this way, unwanted vibrations are absorbed.

For this reason, we also grant a 24-year guarantee on breakage of the stone and breaking out of stone particles for industrial mills.
For us this is love for NATURE

The grinding chamber made of wood – is a logical consequence.
Likewise, that the stainless steel flour spout is lined with wood on the inside.

All types of grain can be ground with the Salzburger Grain Mill MT18. Due to the powerful motor and large grinding stone, grinding corn, soybeans, rice, chickpeas and most gluten-free grains is no problem.

Of course, grist can also be ground in large quantities for healthy breakfasts (e.g. in the catering industry).

Technical data Salzburger industrial mill MT 18 – beech wood

Grinding capacity fine: approx. 270 g/min
Coarse grinding capacity: approx. 580 g/min
Weight: 19,5 kg
Hopper capacity: 1700 g
Footprint: 25 cm
Height: 47 cm
Coarse-fine control: stepless
Grinding stone: Granite
Grinding stone diameter: 120 mm
Grinder bearing: elastic
Grinding chamber: beech wood
Surface treatment housing: organic beeswax oil
Power: 900 Watt
Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Speed during grinding: 850 rpm
Warranty for the mill: 12 years! In addition, the stones are reground free of charge if required.
Warranty for the Mill stones: 24 years! The granite stones are replaced free of charge if the grinding performance is impaired due to breakage or chipping.

What types of grain can you grind with the MT 18 industrial mill?

Wheat ••••
Spelt ••••
Rye ••••
Littlespelt ••••
Buckwheat ••••
Millet ••••
Brown Millet ••••
Rice ••••
Kamut* •••
Corn ••••
Soy ••••
Quinoa ••••
Lenses ••••
Amaranth ••••
Chickpeas ••••
Peas ••••
Sesame X


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