Industrial mill MT 18 – beech

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Handmade with love in Austria - Salzburger Getreidemühlen


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The mill for commercial needs

Salzburg industrial mill MT 18

Salzburg industrial mill MT 18 in a school in SomaliaWood – stainless steel – natural stone and a motor with 900 wattsthese are the main features of this mill.

Ideal for

  • Restaurants,
  • Canteens,
  • Schools,
  • Farm-to-table shops,
  • Health food stores,
  • for small bakeries etc.

The concept is logical and simple: Only quality stands the test!
The MT 18 mill can prove this through decades of use in the trade. It is ideal for the quick need for a few kilos of flour

Milling with natural granite stones:

Since the beginning of time, people have ground grain with natural stones. Granite is renowned for its durability, hardness and self-sharpening properties. This is what we consciously demonstrate through the warranty we offer.

Granite is nature in its purest form – without any bonding agent.

Impurities, such as pebbles that might be in your grain, are easily ground up by the granite stones. We are not aware of any stone particles breaking out and then getting into your flour.

Granite millstones therefore protect your teeth.

The FOOD grain is ground as naturally as possible with BIO granite stones.

Baking with flour ground on a natural stone is a real experience! Crispy breads, fragrant cakes and pastries reward the miller for his work.

Healthy cereal for breakfast?

Self-ground grain provides the precious foundation of a nutrient-rich breakfast.

The milling chamber

Two components lend the grain mill its strength and durability:

  1. The thread
  2. and the milling chamber located therein.

1. The stainless steel thread (and at the same time the outer stainless steel chamber)

For decades, a thread made of steel was used to adjust the milling fineness. This high-quality and robust adjustment system became known for its precise millstone guidance and is still highly valued by technicians and mill connoisseurs today.
A special feature of this design is the dissipation of the drive unit’s heat: Steel is known to be an excellent conductor of heat and prevents heat build-up.
Today we are one step further and use stainless steel.

2. The inner milling chamber made of wood:

As a logical consequence, the inner grinding chamber is made of wood, and the stainless steel flour spout is diligently covered with wood on the inside. The wooden inner chamber ensures that the flour retains its precious nutrients unaltered. All wooden parts on the inside are free of any varnishing substances and solvents. The freshly milled flour only comes into contact with hard, untreated beech wood, except for the millstone and the stone carrier. For decades, beech wood has proved to be the best material for this part of the mill, which is subject to heavy wear.
Unlike most plastics, wood has proven antistatic and antibacterial properties.

The 900 watt special industrial motor

with dual capacitor system is manufactured in Germany. Of course, this motor is maintenance-free and equipped with overload protection.

The motor and grinding stones are precisely matched to each other.

We will be happy to inform you personally about the advantages of this engine.

That’s what we call quality.

Adjustment of the degree of fineness by means of stainless steel thread

The coarse-fine adjustmentis made by turning the funnel by means of a stainless steel thread. The flour fineness can be adjusted with millimetre precision. This is maintained during the entire grinding process.

This avoids the need to correct the flour fineness.


The mill does not require any special maintenance. To clean the mill occasionally, it can be opened without tools in a matter of seconds with a small twist of the funnel.

Technical data Salzburger industrial mill MT 18 – beech wood

Grinding capacity fine: approx. 270 g/min
Coarse grinding capacity: approx. 580 g/min
Weight: 19,5 kg
Hopper capacity: 1700 g
Footprint: 25 cm
Height: 47 cm
Coarse-fine control: continuously
Millstone: Granite
Grinding stone diameter: 120 mm
Mill bearing: flexible
Grinding chamber: Untreated solid beech wood
Funnel and base: solid, domestic beech wood
Housing: Molded wood
Housing surface treatment: organic beeswax oil
Power: 900 Watt
Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Speed during grinding: 850 rpm
Warranty: 2 years

Mill Consulting

Weight 24 kg


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