Ankarsrum pasta roller lasagna

Serving homemade pasta makes a good impression at any meal. The taste and texture are a wonderful experience for the palate – and they are much easier to make than you think!

The rolls are 145 mm wide and roll out to a thickness of 4.8 mm to 0.6 mm. With it, you can easily make everything from lasagna to ravioli and tortellini to spaghetti – and everything in between. There is also a pasta attachment that makes perfect fettuccine.


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The Italians have a name for every pasta shape. Making pasta yourself is not cooking, it is an act of love!

– The pasta rollers are manufactured for Ankarsrum by the premium Italian manufacturer Marcato, which has over 80 years of experience.
– Run the dough through the lasagna roller a few times on the largest setting before gradually reducing the thickness. Fold the dough in half once between each rolling pass.
– You can then pass the sheets of dough that you have made using the lasagna roller or by rolling them out by hand through the fettuccine or spaghetti roller.
– Only pasta dough may be processed with the pasta accessory.
– Be careful not to get your fingers or foreign objects caught in the rollers.
– Never lean over the roller when the assistant is working.
– The pasta rollers fit all models of the assistant from N1-N30.

Weight 1,3 kg


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