Appetite comes with looking!

Before going into the oven let your kneaded dough rise for the last time and then form your dough into the old, traditional bread forms.Many recipes give the hint to “let go” the dough and there are some beginner the question “but in what?” You could of course the dough in a large bowl.

But do you enjoy a bread in a bowl or box shape?

In order to give the bread, baked with love itself, a visually beautiful, appealing shape, we offer a selection of different fermentation baskets. Also called Simperln in Austria.

The right bread-baking professionals know that only traditional baking patterns with grooved patterns make the bread nice to bite. Another advantage is that fermentation also improves the formation of crust.

Under no circumstances should you use a plastic mold.

Traditional fermentation baskets, made of rattan, which have proven themselves to this day, also have special fermentation properties. These properties can not offer modern, artificial materials.

The cleaning of the fermentation basket is very simple, with a brush, the dough residues are removed, but should be dispensed detergent and cleaning in the dishwasher. After each use, the basket should have enough time to dry completely.

Oval bread basket for 1.5 kg bread
Size:    Diameter 25 cm