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Hand grain mill MH 8

(3 customer reviews)


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Hand grain mill MH 8

The hand grain mill that is a joy to grind with

  • as fast as an electric grain mill
  • for longer periods
  • for raw foodists the gentlest way to grind grain quickly and in large quantities

A really decent hand mill that is a joy to grind with. We have now fulfilled this wish of a capable Tyrolean farmer and master carpenter!

It grinds almost as fast as an electric grain mill, says our millwright Patrick, who was the first to put the prototype into operation.

With the hand mill MH 8 the Salzburger Getreidemühlen have succeeded in developing a hand mill with which also

  • larger families,
  • Communities,
  • Clubs etc.

can be supplied.

The predecessor model MH 4 has proven itself for more than 40 years on ocean-going yachts and alpine pastures, but also

  • in remote areas of Africa,
  • South America
  • and many other parts of the world.

To meet the demand for a more efficient hand grain mill, the simple, logical principle of the
Hand mill MH 4
further pursued.

Technical data grain mill MH 8

Housing: solid, domestic beech wood
Floor space: 30 x 30 cm
Height: 39 cm
Drawer: 20 x 28 x 7 cm
Millstone: Granite natural stone
Mill stone diameter: 22 cm
Weight: 12 kg
Grinding capacity: 70 – 90 g/min
Warranty for the mill: 12 years! In addition, if necessary, the stones are reground free of charge.
Warranty for the Mill stones: 24 years!
The granite stones are replaced free of charge if the grinding performance is impaired due to breakage or chipping.

Video of the Salzburg Hand Grain Mill MH 8

Das sagen unsere Kunden ...

BySylvie&Andreas on18/03/2019
A jewel in the kitchen
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The Salzburger grain mill delighted us as soon as we unpacked it, and with its beautiful shape and wood it has adorned our kitchen ever since. Everything works flawlessly and we process the supplied grain daily. Since then, new ideas about what else we can do with the fresh flour have been popping up all the time. The professional advice helped us a lot to make the right choice. Many thanks to the whole team
By URKORN AUSTRIA (Felix Münster) on12.07.2016
For the highest demands!
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As experts for original cereals, we at URKORN AUSTRIA attach particular importance to natural, original and the gentlest possible processing in our products. Furthermore, we believe that this form of appreciation should not only apply to people and products, but that a sustainable approach to our environment also plays an important role. In our high standards we see a common ground with the Salzburg grain mills. Which is why we unreservedly recommend you as a household mill to our customers who value a holistic value chain. It is not only the efficient, economical, environmentally friendly electric motors, the high-quality real wood housing, but also the gentle grinding on real natural stone for optimum nutrient preservation, which makes us so enthusiastic. Therefore full 5 stars * * * * 😉 .

We recommend the hand mill MH 8 ...

Bio - Hafer
Bio – Hafer
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Rated 5 out of 5

What types of grain can you grind with the MH 8 hand mill?

Wheat ••••
Spelt ••••
Rye ••••
Einkorn ••••
Buckwheat ••••
Oats X
Millet •••
Brown Millet •••
Rice ••••
Kamut* X
Corn •••
Soy – •
Quinoa •••
Lenses •••
Amaranth ••
Chickpeas X
Peas •••
Sesame X

•••• very good
— good
•• in small quantities up to approx. 250 g
• not recommended

X You are damaging the mill

*We ask you to indicate the use of kamut when ordering a mill.

2 Corn

Normal edible corn, as is common in Austria or Germany, can be ground with the hand mill. However, it is more strenuous. There are many types of corn.

Especially in Italy, there are very old, particularly hard varieties, some of which we know you can’t grind. Unfortunately, we cannot test and list all types of maize.

What you can’t grind:

In general, seeds containing oil cannot be ground, such as:

  • Flaxseed
  • Mustard seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Poppy
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Nuts
  • Almonds

Due to the consistency, you can not grind:

  • Salt
  • sugar
  • Tea
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Buds
  • Grasses
  • Sprouts
  • small woods
  • dried small fruits and berries
  • Chestnuts
  • various cores

It is not recommended to grind coffee. Colour and smell penetrate the grinding stone, cleaning is very difficult. If only coffee is to be ground, please contact us If you only want to grind coffee, please contact us

Additional information

Weight 17 kg

3 reviews for Hand grain mill MH 8

  1. Andreas aus Wien


    Super Mühle, super Service, kann ich echt weiterempfehlen!

  2. Pirhofer

    Mühle dreht mit

    Allem in allem ist die Mühle ihr Geld wert. sie ist Top verarbeitet und sieht toll aus, das Mahlwerk ist 1 sahne und unser Dinkel wird wunderbar gemahlen. das einzige Problem ist, dass sich die Mühle durch die Massenträgheit des Antriebes und des Mahlsteins mitdreht. wenn man sie auf einer glatten Oberfläche aufgestellt hat, wie es bei uns und unserer Granitplatte der Fall ist.

  3. Michael

    Top Produkt und super Kundenservice!

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