Hand grain mill MH 4

  • The electricity-independent alternative
  • for gentle grinding of the grain
  • as a precaution in times of crisis


Includes 20% MwSt.
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Salzburg hand mill MH 4

  • the off-grid alternative
  • for gentle grinding of the grain
  • as a precaution in times of crisis

In many so-called poor countries of this earth such as Africa, Brazil or areas without electrical supply, our hand grain mills with granite grinding stone have been doing good, reliable work for decades. Solidly built, easy to fix and quick and easy to operate, this hand mill is a real alternative when no electrical connection is possible. On alpine pastures, boats, second homes and camping, etc., wholesome flour and muesli are thus available at all times. The housing of the grain mill is made of hard, solid beech wood.

The wooden grinding chamber ensures that the flour retains its valuable ingredients unchanged.

All internal wooden parts are spared from any varnish substances and solvents, so that the wood retains the natural ability to breathe and absorb.
Wood is known to have an antistatic and antibacterial effect.

The 12 cm granite grindstone quarried in nature is proven durable and self-sharpening. Granite is natural-pure without any binder.
Especially when buying grain directly from the farmer, it can happen that there are small impurities such as stones in the grain. Without any problem, the granite stones grind them without any parts of the stone breaking off (according to our experience, this has never happened with hand mills in over 35 years). These natural grinding stones thus also guarantee the long life of the mill and protect your teeth.

Especially for raw foodists, grinding the grain without heating is of great importance.
You yourself determine the speed of the grinding stone with your power and thus ensure the most gentle grinding of the grain.

If you want to grind grain by hand in larger quantities, we advise you to take a look at our hand mill MH 8. With the 20 cm granite stone, something really goes on!

Technical data grain mill MH 4

Weight: 3,5 kg
Height: 16 cm without crank
Base diameter: 22 cm
Funnel capacity: 300 g
Milling capacity fine: 40 g/min
Coarse grinding capacity: 80 g/min
Diameter of mill-stone: 12 cm
Mill-stone: Granite natural stone
Warranty: 2 years
In addition, we guarantee that natural stones will be reground free of charge if necessary within the 12-year guarantee period.
24 year warranty against breakage and breakage of stone particles when the mill is used according to the operating instructions and manufacturer’s specifications. The granite stones will be replaced free of charge if the grinding performance is impaired by breakage or chipping.

Weight 4 kg


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