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Flake master nut

✔ NICKEL-FREE stainless steel rollers
Housing made of domestic walnut wood
✔ Removable hopper – thus easy cleaning of the rollers
✔ Steel roller plain bearing
✔ Protected outside with beeswax oil
✔ Integrated walnut wood container
✔ Without motor – therefore ideal in times of crisis
✔ Child-friendly – the little ones love to help out
✔ Completely plastic-free

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Salzburg flake master from noble walnut wood

The Salzburger Master Flaker for a good morning!

“Breakfast like an emperor” goes the old adage, and modern science doesn’t change that. A healthy start to daily life is important. Whether for school, in the office or in the workshop: Homemade breakfast cereal gives you strength and energy!

Only freshly crushed cereal flakes are wholesome!

Industrially produced flakes have a long shelf life. This can be done via steam. The fact that important vitamins and enzymes are destroyed, about this you hear and read little. The organic label does NOT say much about the full value of the flakes. “BIO” is an important basic requirement for a healthy diet. Even the best, organically grown grain can become almost worthless if treated incorrectly.

Salzburg flake master nut funnelThe Salzburg flake master made of noble walnut squeezes:

  • Cereals in the size of oats, spelt, wheat, rye, etc.
  • Smallest grains like quinoa, amaranth etc.
  • Flaxseed
  • Poppy
  • Spices like peppercorns, coriander, caraway seeds
  • Spice blends
  • and much more

Special Features:

  • Nickel-free, adjustable stainless steel rollers
  • Elegant case made of solid, domestic walnut wood, carefully and elaborately crafted
  • Removable hopper – thus easy cleaning of the rollers
  • Outside protected with beeswax oil
  • Integrated collecting tray made of beech wood
  • Good fastening of the base plate
  • Perfectly grinds spices etc.

The Salzburger Flockenmeister made of noble walnut wood impresses with its sleek design.

The grains pass through the round, smooth container without resistance to the rollers and the flakes then directly into the integrated collecting container. In this way we avoid breakable glass and plastic.

It is important to us that the rollers are made of nickel-free stainless steel.

Soaking the ingredients before flaking is not necessary, but possible.

abnehmbarer Trichter

The round hopper allows the grains to flow quickly to the rollers. On the other hand, the greatest possible hygiene is guaranteed by avoiding gaps, cracks or joints.

The funnel is removable which makes the cleaning of the rollers extremely easy. This is particularly important if you want to press oily seeds such as linseed.

The housing of the Salzburg flake squeezer is made of solid, domestic walnut wood. It is carefully, extremely intricately and smoothly crafted. Only organic beeswax oil is used for care on the outside. When you have the device in your hands you will be thrilled!

The new conception of the floor mounting ensures an optimal hold on the most different worktops (table tops, window sill etc.).

Grind also spices with the Salzburger Flockenmeister:

Crush spices for your home-baked bread with the Salzburger Flockenmeister. This results in larger, thin flakes due to the pressing. These can be crumbled by hand into tiny particles in seconds.

Statement of the chef Franz Sövegjarto – gold medal winner at the IKA/Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt:The Salzburger Master Flaker crushes spices better than any mortar!”

The spices distribute wonderfully in the bread. For example, you do not feel caraway as a spice in the bread, but the taste of caraway spreads throughout the bread!

Download operating instructions

Salzburger Flockenmeister Nuss WalzenTechnical data:

Case: solid Nutwood
Rollers: NICKEL-FREE stainless steel
Footprint: 10.5 x 11.5 cm
Height: 27 cm
Crank length: 21 cm
Weight: 2.1 kg
Crushing quantity: oats approx. 100-160 g/min, spelt approx. 120 g /min
Mounting: with screw clamps for table tops from 15 to max. 50 mm thickness. Depth of the table projection min.30 mm.

Crushed: oats, spelt, wheat, rye, linseed, poppy seed, etc.

Warranty: 2 years

Note for allergy sufferers or friends of vegan drinks:
Prepare the “milk” for your breakfast cereal yourself. That way you know what’s “inside.”

More information: https://veganstar.eu

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