Comandante C40 MK4 Virginia Walnut

Comandante coffee grinders are 100% produced in Germany.

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Availability: 3 in stock

Comandante C40 MK4 Virginia Walnut

The iconic Comandante® C40 is a robust and precise hand coffee grinder with a unique and groundbreaking grinder: Nitro Blade®.
And with the new Mk4 generation, it has become even better!
Thanks to smart materials, a new grinder suspension and an unbreakable polymer-glass bean jar, the Comandante® C40 Mk4 offers improved workflow and is even more suitable for on-the-go, thanks to lighter weight and better resistance.

The technical design of the grinder is the result of many years of research and development in the laboratory at Comandante®. The ultimate grinder Nitro Blade® uses a special stainless steel with a very fine martensitic crystal structure, which guarantees exceptional taste neutrality and is extremely robust and cutting.
The grinder geometry has been optimized over the years and delivers good productivity with easy handling and best grinding quality.

The Comandante® C40 Mk4 has a finely graduated grinder adjustment, which allows some fine gradations even within one preparation type. The tightly engaging click mechanism in the grind adjuster avoids uncontrolled adjustment during grinding and guarantees repeatable settings for all brewing methods. This performance and handling makes Nitro Blade®.
the first choice for coffee enthusiasts worldwide, from home baristas to world champions.
Included with the C40 MK4 are two “Bean Jar” bean containers. One brown glass and one clear polymer glass. Both containers are tasteless, food safe and easy to clean with hot water. They each have a capacity of 40 grams of coffee.

Comandante® products are aluminum-free and are made exclusively from sturdy, safe and food-safe materials such as stainless steel, wood, glass or high-quality polymers.
High-performance polymers are used in some components of the C40 MK4 to make the mill somewhat lighter, dimensionally stable and very robust. They are BPA-free and have been extensively tested by recognized control bodies and classified as harmless in combination with food.
Comandante® loves wood. The crank knob of the C40 MK4 is made in the Black Forest and is made of solid oak wood – a solid piece of nature with a beautiful grain that fits perfectly in the hand and works ergonomically and efficiently.
For the Classic and Premium Wood versions, a thin and beautiful real wood veneer is carefully applied to the case by hand and finished with a harmless hard wax oil.
The Classic and Special Coating versions have a robust and plain powder coating.

  • Weight: 1.11 kg
  • Length: 530.00 mm
  • Width: 117.00 mm
  • Height: 81.00 mm
Weight 1,11 kg


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