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Einkorn contains more minerals and amino acids than wheat.
Einkorn gets its yellowish colorfrom the high yellow pigment content of beta-carotene.

The Einkorn is a very tender grass plant with three to eight spike-bearing culms. This makes it one of the smallest cereal grains.
The Einkorn developed in the Orient and reached Europe via the ancient trade routes. After that it was displaced by spelt and wheat.

Einkorn is characterized by a particularly creamy, nutty flavor. Also, the soft grains can be bitten and chewed raw.
Einkorn can be ground without any problems with your Salzburg grain mill.
With the Salzburger flaker you can press Einkorn into perfect flakes without them crumbling.
Pancakes, cakes and breads in the form succeed perfectly. Einkorn is not recommended as a binder, e.g. for dumplings

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